Quick Thoughts: Bloodborne, Destiny & Street Fighter V

One of the major reasons for picking up a PS4 were the exclusives that I was interested in. To this point in time the major one that was sticking out in my head was Bloodborne, as I’m a pretty big fan of the Souls games. I bought that the same day I got the system, along with the other games I’ve already mentioned that weren’t console-exclusive. I had contemplated buying Street Fighter V for the PC but I’ve always loved the Playstation controller for fighting games, so that was naturally something I was going to buy on the console. I wasn’t expecting to pre-order it, but with my recent upswing in income I didn’t feel so bad picking it up and having it pre-loaded for release day. I did get basically everything else on sale, so I was mostly being good. I did splurge again though, when I spotted a deal for Destiny’s Taken King Legendary Edition on Amazon. Signing up for Prime got me the game for $40 along with free next day shipping. In the words of the Godfather, they gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. That one is also console-exclusive, so it’s not like I could have waited for a Steam sale to get an even better deal. So mostly, I’ve purchased games that weren’t available on PC or that I could play with my friends who also own the PS4 in the short time I’ve owned the system. So in my usual fashion, I figured I could round up some of my initial impressions of these into a post.


Despite being a game that doesn’t have the name “Souls” in it, Bloodborne was still designed by From Software, so it’s still a Souls game through and through. It does have some distinct differences however, in that the controls are tighter, there isn’t a block function and everything is faster paced. You are rewarded for being more aggressive, whereas I feel you needed to be a bit more passive in the other Souls games I’ve played. To be clear, I’ve only beaten Demon’s Souls back on PS3. I own Dark Souls on PC, but I only played it a little bit. Beating that, and Dark Souls II is still on my list, along with completing Bloodborne itself and eventually picking up Dark Souls III which releases in April. I definitely have my work cut out for me. Graphics and sound are top notch, the setting is decidedly victorian, van helsing and gothic. I’ve loved what I’ve played so far, and I’ve only beaten one boss at this point. I did happen to record the video of the first boss battle, which I will share shortly. Overall, I really enjoy the game and can’t wait to see more of it. Highly recommended if you own a PS4.


I’m as surprised as you are that I now own Destiny. As I mentioned I got a pretty sweet deal on all of the available content to date, and I already know several people that have or are still playing it. I dragged some friends into playing it with me when I first got it all installed and patched up. One thing I can definitely say is that this is not an MMO. It surely has some elements that will make it feel MMO-like, but it’s more shooter than anything. A loot based shooter. At times I felt like I was playing Borderlands. At other times, it felt more like Halo. I’m not the biggest Halo fan but I have played enough of it to find some parts enjoyable. The same goes for this title, in that I really enjoy the gun play, but I could really care less about the story. That tends to be how I feel about most MMOs though, so maybe Destiny is more MMO-like than I want to give it credit for. Either way, it’s something I don’t expect to sink a ton of time into, but it’s still a game that looks to be fun for a while with friends. I don’t have any video or pictures to share from this title just yet, I only played through a handful of missions and hit level 6 before I logged off the other night. I will definitely play some more of it and see if I can’t get some pictures and things to share later on.


I was excited for Street Fighter V the moment I found out about it. I have always loved Street Fighter, and have played nearly every iteration since number two. I will probably always love Street Fighter, so buying this game was a no-brainer. In the age of the Internet, there are always people to play against as well, so until SF6, I don’t have to worry about finding opponents for a few years at least. It was disappointing though, when I already had the game pre-loaded and literally watched the unlock timer count down to zero so I could play right at release, only to find that I couldn’t connect to the servers. It was frustrating, but I played some single player in offline mode and saw the potential this game holds. I really wish devs would get their shit together for releases, especially considering Capcom is a huge company, but it is what it is. I was going to buy this game one way or the other, and I’m not disappointed. The following night I was able to play, and ran through some of the story mode before trying some casual matches against random players. I ended up losing my first match, but it was rather close. I did win my second match, and have the video to share:

Overall I really enjoy the smoothness of the animations, the art direction, the controls and the feel of the game. It’s going to be truly epic when they actually finish the damn thing. There’s probably another rant brewing there, but I’m just going to bask in the glory that is Street Fighter and pretend that it doesn’t have some issues facing it.

That’s all for today. Happy Gaming!