Fantasy LCS Review: Season 6, Week 6


week6standingsAnother week is in the books, and my team is slumping hard. Putting my bets on individual players has been a curse and a blessing. I’ve had some outstanding individual performances from my squad, but an equal amount of underwhelming point totals. Last week was actually a week where I was expecting to win, and not just hoping. Tacktix has had a rough go in this league, and I figured the adjustments that I made would guarantee a win. Of course, Cloud 9 had to go and have a stellar weekend, so he managed to outscale me with just two of their members. I’m happy with the performance of my current lineup though, so I’m going to let it ride, only swapping out Kasing for Aphromoo. Nothing against the NA support, but he just hasn’t been giving me the numbers I need to contend with the other supports in this league. I’m up against Judentus again this week, and my projections look strong, but we all know how that can be ultra deceiving. Regardless, this is a case of being a week I should have won but luck would have it otherwise. Congrats to Tacktix for getting his first win of the split. At this point I think the only possible way I can move back into second place is if Judentus was to drop the remainder of his games and I was to win out. 1st place is already secured for Tyvokka, and it looks like Immortals have a good chance at running the table this split, so I can’t win all of my remaining matches. Hence, I’ve dropped from second place to third as compared to last season, and our former last place moves to first, while first drops to second. Ah well, I have a new strategy brewing for the Summer Split.


Fantastic performances from my two European substitutes. The team didn’t do as well as expected, but I think next week will be a different story. Piglet underwhelmed, and though I’d normally be happy with Aphromoo’s 32 points, comparing that to Hai’s 60 sucks, hence my change. Overally, he just had really strong showings from one extra player than me, and that was enough to net the extra 20 points. I also think that’s the highest point total Tacktix has had the entire split. Looking ahead:


As I mentioned I dropped Aphro for Kasing. Vitality has been killing it lately so hopefully he brings in some decent points. My projections put me ahead by a sizable amount. We shall see what happens I suppose. It’s likely I just stay in third place and the rest of the split doesn’t matter all that much, but I’ll still find something to comment on. Let’s take a look at the top players:

week6top springtop6

As you can see, C9 killed it, taking the 4 of the top slots. Rush barely missed rounding out the top 5, and would have kept me from missing the top 5 for the 2nd week in a row. I do however still own two players in the top 5 overall, though Steeelback was a recent pickup. Otherwise Pobelter remains in 2nd place overall, but Piglet has finally dropped out of the top end with a couple of dismal performances. Honestly though, it’s not his fault. He rarely dies, he just doesn’t always get kills, particularly when the game is falling apart around him. I think they are in need of a better top laner reminiscent of Quas, and perhaps Fenix really needs to quit? He seems to have flashes of brilliance but isn’t carrying games. Matt and Dardoch just need more time in the league I think. Anyway, that’s all for this week. See you soon.