More From The Stream

I’m still finding it hard to balance my new schedule with blog posting, podcasting, trying to have a social life, and of course, gaming.

I did make a new highlights video for League of Legends, you can see that over on my Youtube Channel. It covers some of the best plays I made or was a part of for the month of February. I’m still recording my gameplay each time I play, so I can continue this series for the foreseeable future. Editing a bunch of videos down to a 20 minute clip show does take quite a while though. Being unemployed and/or working part time meant I had a bunch of time on my hands to write, record, edit and otherwise create content, and since none of that pays the bills and is simply a hobby, it’s something that has to be cut back on when time doesn’t allow.

I am on a break from school for the moment, at least until the 15th of this month, so that has netted me a bit of extra time, but it still seems that I don’t have enough. My schedule has been set for work, so Sunday-Thursday 10-6 is eaten up each week. Add in the hour before, and about an hour after for getting ready in the morning and the drive home + winding down and I have about 10 hours missing from each day. Take out 7-8 for sleep and that doesn’t leave a whole bunch of time to do things. These are things I went over in a recent post, so I won’t completely rehash everything, but needless to say, despite wanting to continue creating content at the level I was, it simply cannot be done.

There have been murmers about the podcasting network I’m a part of being stuck at a standstill. It seems that while most of us are sticking to our schedules and posting regular new episodes, others have felt the pressures of real life and have slacked off. I too have done the same, missing out on a week here recently, and it’s likely this week’s show will be late, as I’m heading out of town tomorrow and won’t be back until Saturday. I’m thinking we’ll record something on Sunday after work, but who knows. I have contemplated dropping down to a bi-weekly schedule just so that I don’t feel bad about missing a week here and there, but at the same time I don’t want to do that. I like talking about various things week by week. Motivation to keep it going is the only thing that is starting to lack.

I’ve seen the same sort of pattern around the blogosphere. It seems like a bunch of the blogs I read who were more regularly posting have gotten quite sporadic (mine included). I also find that it’s harder to write about things when you just aren’t really playing anything. I have a bunch of new games that I’ve purchased over the past month or so, and I’ve only played them a little at a time. There really isn’t enough progress there to write about either, and yet I still want to write. I won’t let this blog die, it’s been far too long and it’s been a labor of love. Same goes for the podcast, and same goes for making new videos. It’s just going to continue to be sporadic. Realistically, I could pump out something new every day, but would it be worth reading is the question. I don’t mind the stream of consciousness posts so much, but they feel like they are less entertaining than rants or progress reports or posts that otherwise have a point to them.

So I’m at this cross roads of trying to find my way again. I want to say that I can definitely get out 3-4 posts per week still, but looking at the past few weeks that hasn’t always been the case. I want to say that we’ll stick to a weekly podcast release, but I am still thinking about the bi-weekly schedule change. I want to say I’ll put out at least one new video a week, but that highly depends on how much I play and how well I do when I’m playing. When you primarily play PvP oriented games, there are times when you just do poorly and that’s when there isn’t much to share.

Either way, this is another “I’m not dead” post, and I hope that it meets understanding pairs of eyes. If you’ve ever enjoyed any of the content I’ve made over the years, know that I appreciate you as a part of my audience, and I want to keep making content for you to consume for years to come. Just pardon me while I figure this shit out.