One Door Closes, Another Opens

This is another one of those catch-all posts, as I feel like I have much to talk about, but only little snippets about various things. I don’t feel like I have a full on post ready to go for any of these topics, so I’m just going to jot down some thoughts.

My Projects

I’m officially going to shutter The Digital Backwoods. It was a fun idea that started well and I was getting submissions from the community which was my initial aim – to make it a landscape picture blog for the masses. I gave up on making my own posts a couple of months back, and the community submissions stopped coming in as well. It was great while it lasted but I just don’t see myself having the time or inclination to keep it going. I’ll be deleting it soon, so head over there if you want to download any of the screenshots.

I’m also going to officially call Couch Podtatoes a bi-weekly show. Coming up with new material has been somewhat difficult, and coordinating my schedule with Eri’s along with trying to get guests on a semi-regular basis has also been inefficient. We’ve been toying around with potential format changes as well. It will remain a gaming podcast first a foremost, but I’m not sure if we’re going to keep with the sweeping general topics, or go back to our original format with Idiots on the Internet and Community Spotlights. Either way, expect new shows every other week for the time being. It’s likely that we’ll come back around to weekly shows, but between work, school and my other projects, I still need to have some time to myself to recharge my batteries, and for the past month or so I’ve felt like I don’t have the time to do everything I want to do. So yeah, we might sneak in some extra episodes from time to time, but for now I’m calling it bi-weekly.

As far as this blog goes, I’ve been doing okay with posting, but sometimes feel like I should post more often. I’ll keep plugging away, putting out posts when I have things to say but I’m not adhering to any sort of schedule. Same goes for my YouTube channel — I have videos that I’d like to post, but often times don’t feel like it. I’m not setting a schedule for that either. If you like my content, and have followed me over the years, you’ll know I go in waves and sometimes I post less. Bear with me while I adjust and perhaps there will be great things to come.


I’ve been managing more gaming due to less time spent on content creation. I’ve been playing at least a game of League of Legends per day, maintaining practice, but it seems that the group of guys I had been playing with are rarely on at the same time. I might start doing some ranked play by myself just to get the season started, but I’m hoping to get with my partners sometime soon.

I’ve been playing PS4 games pretty regularly, because a couple of my friends already had the system, and me and my best friend’s brother went in halves to get my best friend his own PS4 for his birthday at the beginning of March. He got the Black Ops 3 bundle, and has already picked up Battlefront as well, so we’ve all been playing those multiplayer shooters. I also got into the Smite PS4 beta and invited him as well, as he’s been an Awesomenauts player almost as long as I, so I thought he’d be interested in a new MOBA to play, and we both seem to like it well enough. I’m surprised because I didn’t really care for Smite when I played it on the PC, but it seems to lend itself to a controller really well, enough that I’m really enjoying it. It also seems really well optimized and there are several different modes I didn’t know existed, or were added since the last time I tried it. To be fair, the last time I did try it was on my shitty old laptop, so that could have had something to do with my distaste. However, I’m enjoying it now, and am tempted to pay the $30 to unlock all the gods. We’ll see.

I picked up Mordheim: City of the Damned a couple of weeks ago because it was a mid-week madness sale on Steam. It is definitely worth the sale price, and now that it’s out of early access it’s even more worth it. I picked up the DLC bundle too, as it was cheap and added a few characters to the game for you to put into your warband. I played through the tutorials and created my warband (skaven, of course) last night, but haven’t gone beyond that. I really liked what I saw, and this is a game that is screaming for console support. I didn’t play it with my PC controller, but I think it would work well.

I also picked up the reinforcements pack for X-COM 2 also, as it provided a DLC now, and a couple more in the future. The DLC added now is supposed to have a bunch of customization options for your soldiers, so I’m thinking it will be better to just start over so I can really customize my squad. I only made it through a couple of missions anyway, so it’s likely I’ll do that. I need to play the game more in general.

There are a handful of games I’ve been playing off and on, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s easier to stop worrying about my huge backlog and just play what I feel like playing. If that means I go through a week and only play LoL and nothing else, so be it. Why stress out over games? It’s not worth it. I’m going to play what I like, and if that means I have less to write about, less to talk about, or less video to share, so be it. I’ll still manage to find things to write/talk about anyway, so instead of stressing, I’m just going to enjoy life. Hopefully that doesn’t alienate anyone, but I gotta do me first.