Kicking Ass In SMITE

I ended up going to visit my best friend this past weekend, and he happens to be on of the people I convinced to play some SMITE with me on Playstation during the beta that’s been going on for a while now. We talked about the game and then ended up taking turns playing for a large part of the day.

Having played enough to hit account level 12, I was starting to feel like playing against bots was far too easy. The only difficulty with bots is that it seems that they level faster than you, but that was probably due to my stupid teammates running in 1v3 or 1v5 over and over again and feeding the shit out of them. It’s okay, I’ve only lost one bot match due to that idiocy — most of the time I’ll just carry our team to victory by playing smart.

I finally came to the conclusion that it was time to play some PvP. I tried to save the entire match, but it decided to only save after I was already part way into the match. Here’s a video of that match:

I think I did pretty well for it being my first real PvP match. I did even better in another match that I played last night. Still Arena 5v5, but we had a player disconnect right as the match was getting under way. Towards the end of the game, the enemy team also had a player disconnect, but it was essentially 4v5 the whole match. We dominated despite the odds, and 3 players on my team, myself included, had flawless games. This time I actually got the full match saved.

Lastly, I have a quick little outplay video that I captured last night as well. I was playing Chronos, whom I have quickly grown to love, though this was my first time playing him. The match ended in a win, but this was the best highlight from the game, in my opinion.

I’d like to hear from someone who plays the game for tips/tricks/advice on anything I’m doing wrong or things that I could improve. I think my mechanics are pretty good at this point, but I love feedback when it comes to MOBAs, as it’s one of the best ways to improve outside of being self-critical. I’m loving the game still though, so it’s likely I’ll have more to talk about in the future. For now though, I should get back to work 😛

3 thoughts on “Kicking Ass In SMITE

  1. Well, when you pick up Hou Yi and go 28/3/13 I’m not sure what to tell you. Play more and you’ll face better opponents. In the first game, both Thors couldn’t land their ults. Work on landing your auto-attacks and you’ll be able to punish Bellona much more ruthlessly when she gets aggressive. The biggest thing you need to work on is juking while boxing (1v1ing a player up close) and running away. Running in a straight line either forwards or backwards lets the enemy get guaranteed poke and when you fight opponents who actually know what they’re doing (your opponents weren’t much better than bots, sorry) you’ll blow up very fast.

    Hou Yi can’t use Ricochet effectively in Arena which suuuuucks. Every bounce increases damage, up to 3. A triple bounce will ruin someone’s day. Work on at least single bounces to hit an enemy 2x in Arena by using a nearby wall and go from there. Mark of the Crow + your ult will stun enemies and force them to pop “oh shit” abilities/actives or take guaranteed damage. You got killed when you got greedy chasing low-health Kukulkan into their team. You also got hit by a lot of stuff you can learn to avoid, especially the Kukulkan and Ra ults. When they level up and get theit builds online, we’re talking 50-75% of your maximum health as a hunter (adc).

    When you played Kukulkan, you did a good job punishing Xing Tian when he chased Arachne into your backline. Take side camps at the start. The mana camp would have helped you – you went oom very quickly your first time out. Keep going for them throughout the game to bait other players and force them to fight, otherwise you get free buffs. Line up your Kukulkan ults better – they change fights when you get leveled up and you want to be able to “confirm” then (guarantee that they will hit).

    Chronos was a good play all around. Use your 2 (X) in Quadrant 4 for maximum damage. You were using it in Q3. When you push up to the enemy’s phoenix, ward the side lane so you have eyes on their movements. An enemy Scylla can 1-shot ult you from over the wall. You did well against Guan by using your ult before he ended his ult – it would have stunned you and he probably would have chained it into his 3, then his 2 followed by some autos at which point Bellona would also be slapboxing you.


    • Yeah, I can tell that most of the people I’ve been playing have been sitting on the noob side of the fence, and that’s probably due to them being console players and not having had a good MOBA to play on a console. I also have the advantage of having played LoL for 5-ish years, so I already have a decent grasp on the game and how things should work. There have been plenty of games where I was losing though, of course I only shared the good bits 😛

      My biggest need of improvement is figuring out all the passives and interactions of abilities (such as the ricochet that I rarely used effectively) and learning item builds. As of now I’m still using the auto buy feature. I agree that I forget about the camps in arena. I’m better at collecting them on the Joust map, but I still haven’t played much Conquest. That outplay with Chronos was just a lucky ult, I mean I planned it but not for the rest of what unfolded to happen.

      I still haven’t played every God yet, but there are a handful that I feel confident with. I really enjoyed Loki when I played him, but I didn’t capture any video. I’ve also had some horrible games with some of the Gods I wasn’t too fond of. Practice makes perfect though, and I know I’ll slowly start playing against better players and my ranking improves. In LoL it’s usually when you hit max account level that you really start getting placed against “equals,” so I assume the same will apply in SMITE.


      • Yeah, sorry for the wall of text. I basically just wanted to say “play more.” 🙂


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