League of Legends: March Highlights

Despite the fact that I have a lot less free time on my hands the past couple of months, I’ve still managed to play League in between other games and tasks. For a while there I was playing almost daily, and multiple games per day. But as is pretty normal for me, I tapered off to about one game per night, and for the past couple of weeks it’s only been a game here and there. I still love League, I’m not sure when/if that is going to change. My play time with the game didn’t start to taper off until the latter part of March, so I still had enough videos to cut down and splice into a highlight reel for the month. This was something I had considered doing for a long time, and since I started recording all of my games back in January, it’s not only good for my YouTube channel, but it’s something else to write blog posts about as well. However, I feel like playing Normals for three months straight is getting kind of stagnant. I think it’s time that I finally get started with my Ranked placement matches, and see how far I can climb up the latter. We’re nearing mid-season, and that means that time is running out to get the ball rolling.

This season feels more tumultuous than previous ones. The pre-season changes really mixed things up, and we’ve been seeing champions that were designed to be played as a certain role excelling in multiple roles. It’s been great for the game in my opinion, but one thing that was bothering me was the fact that the games felt so much shorter and less forgiving. Bouncing back when the death timers are high was becoming nearly impossible. It seems that Riot has noticed the same thing and there have been changes to death timers at certain points in the game. It also feels like each knew patch has had more flavors of the month, rather than just one or two. What I mean by that is, in past seasons it seemed like each new patch would buff one or two champions who would be played nearly every game until the next patch, and then a new “flavor” would take over. This season, it feels like there are several “new meta” picks each patch, and as a result I’ve been playing champions I hadn’t played in a long time due to their new found power. Champions like Poppy, Pantheon and Quinn, not to mention old favorites of mine like Nocturne and Twitch have all seemed to spike in power and popularity. The constant reworks of champions (like Shen and Poppy, and the upcoming Taric rework) has brought the older ones up to speed and it feels like most of them are viable picks now. There are very few champions that have been completely neglected anymore, and I love seeing weird picks that work.

I forgot to post the video for last month here on the blog, so I’ll do so now:

Here’s the new one that I just finished editing, for March. It’s a bit shorter due to less games played but I think that’s good for people with short attention spans anyway. If you guys can do me a favor and like, share and subscribe that would also be great. I seem to have hit a subscriber wall and would like to continue to grow!

So as I said, my plan for April is to at least get my 10 placement matches in to see where I’ll start this season. It will likely be Bronze I just like last season, but hopefully I’ll promote into Silver more easily this time around. See you then.

Thoughts on Loot Gaming


A while back on the Couch Podtatoes Podcast, Eri and I talked about collectibles. We came to the conclusion that neither of us are really collectors. I used to be, way back when — comic books and cards were my thing. I had phases of CD and DVD collecting. In more recent years I’ve accumulated some Walking Dead comics, a bunch of Green Bay Packers stuff, and some artwork from various sources. By far the largest collection I have amassed though, is video games. I have hundreds strew about, in physical and digital form (mostly digital).

After having a discussion on the show about the various subscription services that provide “geeky” collectibles, I thought I should take a closer look. The first thing I finally decided to spend some money on was a League of Legends vinyl figurine – Nautilus. Having been pleased with the little guy sitting on my desk for the past month or so, I decided that I should roll the dice and try one of the box deliveries. Loot Crate is a big name, but I’m mainly interested in gaming-oriented stuff, so I wanted to avoid other bits of pop culture I’d probably not be into as much. It just so happens that the company making Loot Crates just started up a Gaming service called, you guessed it: Loot Gaming. I became a “founder” by ordering the first box they ever shipped. Here’s what was in the box:

From left to right, Skyrim Socks, Super Mario T-Shirt, Halo Hooded Scarf, Founders Pin, Shadaloo Pin, Heroes of the Storm Mystery Figure.

So for $25, it’s a pretty decent value, considering the T-shirt alone would probably cost that much on some websites. I really do enjoy the T-shirt, in all of its 8-bit glory. I was a huge Skyrim fan, so I will definitely wear the socks, but I would have preferred a different Skyrim-themed item. The same goes for the Shadaloo pin. I love Street Fighter, so something other than a pin would have been awesome. I could give two shits about the HotS figurine, but I give even less shits about a ghost Kerrigan? At least that’s who I think it is. Why couldn’t I have gotten Diablo at least? The Legacy Founder’s pin is cool. The Master Chief scarf is the real turd in this crate. Not only am I not much of a Halo fan, but I live in California. Who in the fuck wears a scarf in a place that rarely gets cold? Let alone a scarf with a hood attached. Yuck.

The Good: Awesome T-shirt that was worth the price of the box alone. A couple other neat ideas, but ones that ultimately fall short.
The Bad: A scarf? Really? Also, HotS is a pile of garbage.

The Verdict: Overall, I’m happy with the T-shirt, enough to say that I don’t feel that I wasted my money. I have a couple of other T-shirts that I have been planning to buy, and they are $20 a piece, so the rest is just icing on the cake. Someone with different tastes than myself will probably be very happy with this box, and the ones to come. It’s a great idea, I’m just too picky to want to pay $25 a month to maybe get something I’m happy with. I’d rather spend a little more and personally pick what I spend my money on. A novel idea, but not worth a long term subscription in my book. All I can think of is that another month I wouldn’t even be happy with the T-shirt and it would feel like a complete waste of cash.

Have you ever tried one of these subscription plans? What did you think about it?