Life and Games Progress Report

It’s been a while since I did a catch-all post, and today, while I sit at work at it’s slow as all hell, I figured it was a good time to write one up. I’ve been working, I’ve been dating, I’ve been playing games. I’ve been busy. I have ideas for posts or podcasts or videos but finding the time is difficult some days. Today is not that day. Today I rant about what I’ve been up to, in little snippets.

I wrote about a couple of the games I’ve been playing of late in older posts, but I have progress to discuss. I also have some personal stuff to share, but I’ll save that til towards the end. So what have I been playing?

Stories: The Path of Destinies – I fell in love with this game from the moment I started playing it. However, it does get frustrating after a while when you start opening endings that aren’t the “true” ending, and have to play through similar stuff over and over again. That’s part of the appeal of the game — the choose your own adventure part, but it’s also one of the game’s shortcomings. After having gone through similar areas, having all of the swords crafted and opening up all the branching paths, you literally have nothing left to do. I can still level up through combat and there are a few points left that I would need to earn to max out the character sheet, and there are plenty of endings I haven’t found just yet, but that doesn’t affect all that much. If I wanted the platinum trophy for the game, I’d need to max out the character and find all of the endings, but I don’t think I’m going to go that far. I think at this point once I find the “true ending” I’m going to be done with it. It was a fun title while it lasted though.

Banner Saga 2 – Still playing this one too, and still loving it. They took everything the first game did well, and polished that up, and then added new layers and units and variety that was sorely missing from the first game. I’m nearing the end, as both of my caravans (there is a part just like in the first game where part of your force splits off and you bounce between the two) are nearing the final city where we’ve been headed for the majority of the game. I’m curious to see the conclusion and if they leave things open for another title in the series. There isn’t much else to say there without spoiling anything. But seriously, play this game it’s awesome.

Diablo 3 – Season 6 kicked off a couple days ago, and of course I had to start a new character. I rolled a new Demon Hunter, which is the final class I would need to get to 70 to have leveled them all to cap at some point. My last DH died around level 60, otherwise I would have finished that goal off already. I’ve been enjoying the DH again, just like I have in the past, but I’m hoping this one makes it to cap. I’m sitting at around level 20 currently, and have nearly finished the first chapter of the new season journey. It seems to be about the same but I think they changed when you get Haedrig’s Gift this time around. On top of the set gear and pet, this time they are providing a pennant as well if you complete the season journey. I managed to do just that in season 5, so I don’t see why I won’t be able to do so again in season 6. I’m sure I’ll have a full post about this later in the week, so I’ll leave it at that for now.

League of Legends – I’m still playing League of course. They started doing the time-limited game modes every weekend now, and it’s a rotation. So instead of getting a week + of URF, we got a weekend. The weekend before was something else, this weekend has been Hexakill on the Twisted Treeline map, which was a blast last year, and has been a lot of fun this time around as well. I managed to get some games in with Tacktix as well, who basically hadn’t touched the game since BDO came out. I’ll have some videos edited from these past weekends soon. Also, I played 3 of the ranked placement matches to this point, and have a 2/1 record so far. I’m hoping to finish up my placements by next weekend so I can know how much of a hill I need to climb. More on this later.

I Subscribed to Humble Monthly – I’ve been eyeballing it for a while, and almost went for it a couple of months back. Each time a new month starts, they tease you with a title that will be accessible immediately, and then you get a bundle of mystery games at the beginning of that next month. This month’s early title was Mad Max, and it’s a game I thought about buying a couple of times. Getting that plus several other games for $12 feels like a much better deal than buying MM for $60. Also, I’ll get some extra games, hopefully ones I don’t already own. Looking back at the past monthly bundles, I’ve owned 1-2 games and have been not interested in some of them. Either way, getting a game I was interested in for $12 plus some extras is definitely worth it. Depending on how happy I am with the bundle will determine if I stay subscribed. I know when I did the Loot Crate thing I wasn’t that into it… we’ll see how this goes.

Life Stuff – I bought a new bed. I needed one pretty desperately. The last time I bought a new bed, the ex I had been living with ended up taking it (I didn’t fight her for it). I ended up getting a bed 2nd hand off of a friend who only had it for a year, so it was halfway decent at the time. Nearly ten years later, I was hating it. So I found a place locally that allowed me to put some money down and finance the rest over 6 months. The overall total was around $700 and the financing is only going to cost me $50 in interest, but in return I’ll get a good mark on my credit. Sleeping on it has been wonderful, though I think it’s going to be even better once the bed and I adjust to one another.

The other day Riot was running a promotion for their newest figurine, URF. If you bought him, you’d get another figure from the collection for free. Considering they’re normally $20 by themselves (which is what I paid for my Nautilus a couple months back) it was a steal to get 2 for 1. I ended up getting Zed randomly, and even though he’s not a character I play, I rather like the way he looks. So my collection is growing, and on top of that, I’ve rearranged my room and busted out a bunch of my old decor (in conjunction with getting the new bed) so my room is getting back to normal. Nice and nerdy, just how I like it.

In other personal news, I’ve been dating again. There was a girl I had been seeing for about a year, but that ended albeit amicably. We’ve remained friendly and have gone out to eat and such but the romantic part seemed to be over. So I got back on the horse and have been on a few dates. For the most part it’s been a wash, but there have been some candidates that I have found interesting. I’ve also been hanging out with a couple of the guys from my work, and that was fun as well. Overall my social circle is starting to grow again, and comparing my life now to my life a year ago feels like night and day. I’m loving all of the improvements!

That’s all for me today. I’ll be back later in the week with something else. Also, potential big news for the podcast again. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Life and Games Progress Report

  1. Every season in Diablo I start a character, get to about 25 or so and that’s about it. I like the game and want to play more. Do you have a recommendation for a straight forward characters that is relatively easy to solo with? I usually play at odd hours so don’t always get a chance to play with friends much.


    • Honestly, I play on hardcore and have found all characters very playable. But the most straight forward are the melee classes. I had an easy time leveling the monk. My crusader last season got me 150 paragon points and I did the whole season journey, so perhaps that’s a good place to start as well.


      • I just worry about my network connection…id hate to lose a hardcore character due to lag, but I will say that some of my favorite times in gaming were in Eve Online when flying through Null Sec solo – the adrenaline kick of knowing you could lose something you worked hard on can be fun.


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