The Dragon Cometh #NBI2016


Wow, time sure does fly. It was two years ago that I first got involved with the Newbie Blogger Initiative, and just a few months before that where I had even really paid attention to the idea. Since then I helped with some of the organizational stuff and ended up nearly running the whole thing by myself last year, for good or ill. I should mention now that there were talks earlier this year about the NBI and when it would be happening, but it didn’t seem like anyone had the time or inclination to lead it. Personally I didn’t mind helping out but I didn’t want to become solely responsible for the event again, so I bowed out of any leadership role, only offering support. Once May rolled around it seemed that the general consensus was that perhaps the event would take a year off and be resurrected in the future.

The man responsible for getting me more involved with the NBI, Mr. Doone himself, was prodding about on social media wondering if the event had been forgotten. When I told him that it was being postponed for a year, he wasn’t having it. Soon thereafter, there was an announcement from the man himself, proclaiming that June would be the month of the NBI this year. He has rallied the troops and it seems that the Dragon is coming back to town after all.

Unfortunately, the owner of the NBI domain Mr. Peril, formerly of the Contains Moderate Peril blog and podcast has gone into a retirement of sorts, and as such the domain was transferred to other ownership, and nothing was done with it otherwise. It seems that the forums are still online, but they were sort of janky and filled with redundancies. I though it would be a good idea to utilize a program like Slack or Discord to organize the event in lieu of forums, as many gamers and/or bloggers are already using these platforms to meet up and chat. It was decided that Discord was probably the better option due to its built in voice chat features, which could come in handy during gaming events that run during the month. As such, there is now a Discord channel devoted to the NBI, and that will likely continue to be the best place to get involved, outside of Twitter and of course on your own blogs. So, here’s a list of some handy information:

Newbie Blogger Forums

Newbie Blogger Twitter

Discord Invite Code:

Once you’ve followed the appropriate channels, stay tuned for more information. The event will kick off on June 1st and run the entire month. There will be writing prompts and gaming get-togethers. Feel free to follow me everywhere, my social media links are at the top of the page. I will try to repeat any pertinent information as I see it. I look forward to seeing new faces and reading new posts!

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