Couch Podtatoes Episode 88: A Short Conversation with Izlain


Welcome back to another episode of the show. This weekend I spent some time out of town, and we didn’t really plan around that so I ended up just slapping together a short show for your listening pleasure. I talk about some free-to-play fuckery, announce the NBI, and cover some idiocy on the internet. I won’t say more or else I’ll spoil the show, as it’s rather short. Talking to yourself is rather weird but I hope it ended up sounding alright in the end! We’ll be back next week with our regularly scheduled news show. Until then, enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend!


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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 88: A Short Conversation with Izlain (runtime: 21:45)

Discussion: Talking Points with Izlain (starts at 00:00)

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