More Setsuna Screens

Another quick post as I’m busy watching the NALCS semi-final matches for today, and I don’t want to miss anything! I’ve been trying to wrap up I Am Setsuna, and have made further progress into the game since the last time I posted about it. I’d guess I’m nearing the end, but that isn’t for certain. I can’t be assed to actually see how much further I have to go, but I’ve been enjoying the game. It’s certainly not a challenging title, and is perfect for playing while lying in bed prior to crashing out. I’ve enjoyed the story so far, and though it’s no Chrono Trigger (or classic JRPG for that matter — I still believe the classics are better titles) it still captures just enough of that era’s magic to keep me playing it. I know once I’ve finished it will be uninstalled and I’ll no longer care about it, but I still feel like it was a worthy investment, even at $40.

The following gallery is likely to contain some spoilers, I’ve basically just shared moments from the playthrough here, without commentary. I think the game looks great given their aims, and it’s been a fun diversion from other more serious titles I’ve been playing as of late. I highly recommend it to JRPG fans, just don’t try to put it on a pedestal before you try it out.

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