By The Numbers: Week 2, 2016


Week 1 is in the books, and my team starts the season 1-0. I managed to watch Green Bay vs. Jacksonville, and as I predicted, the Packers would prevail. I didn’t think it was going to be nearly as close of a matchup as it was, but the Jags have had many a high draft pick over the years and haven’t been relevant for just as long. It appears that they’re young up-and-coming players are starting to make an impact, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a pretty good year if they continue to play like they were on Sunday. I ended up not watching any of the other games, but my picks were fairly accurate, though not entirely.

This week the Packers face off against their division rival, the Vikings. They managed to sneak the Division title away from us last year, so I’m sure we’ll be out for blood. Minnesota has a new stadium that is anticipated to be rather loud, so that could be an issue, but I doubt it’s anything like Seattle’s stadium, so I’m not too worried. We usually handle the Vikings quite readily, and Peterson had a down week 1, and our run defense looks improved over years past. I expect a victory, and to take the division lead after this week. Hopefully we’ll hold onto it all year, since we have one of the weakest strength-of-schedules. I should also note that last week I managed to miss a couple of picks somehow (probably because I rushed the post out on Sunday morning), and I wanted to get this post out by Thursday so I don’t miss any again.

Here’s my picks for week 2:

160916_packers_week2_vikings-2Packers 30, Vikings 17
Bills 24, Jets 10
Panthers 31, 49ers 20
Ravens 27, Browns 10
Lions 20, Titans 14
Texans 17, Chiefs 13
Patriots 24, Dolphins 3
Steelers 30, Bengals 27
Redskins 21, Cowboys 10
Cardinals 23, Buccs 16
Rams 21, Seahawks 20
Broncos 34, Colts 24
Raiders 24, Falcons 14
Jags 20, Chargers 14
Eagles 27, Bears 7