Xing Tian’s Mountain

One of the reasons I’ve been so addicted to MOBAs, is like their MMO brethren, there are consistent patches that add in new content, and bring new limited time events that keep you playing the game, far past your normal limits. Some people can’t get past the toxicity of these communities, but I find more often than not, that I’m finding quality teammates and wreaking havoc on the opposition. Still, it’s an interesting thought. The parallels between the two genres are certainly there, but not immediately clear. Having played most titles on the market, I’d like to think I have the experience to bridge the gap, considering many similar metas and systems between the two. Patches bring with them nerfs and buffs, item tweaks, advance the meta, and give incentives to keep playing the game, even if the rewards are more virtual crap that you don’t really own. If that doesn’t sound familiar to you, then you must be a tourist. Of both genres. But I digress.


The newest patch to hit SMITE brings with it an epic journey of a questline, and also introduces the first PvP experience I’ve seen in a MOBA since Guardians of Middle-Earth’s Suvival mode (which I would absolutely love to see in both SMITE and League). The quest spans four months, and each patch will introduce a new God, along with each Pantheon’s own unique questline. These quests amount to simple things like getting 2 wins, or playing as a Japanese God, but reward Odyssey points that will grant chests and other goodies. These are the things you want to be doing if you ever want to unlock skins and other cosmetics for your account for free, rather than having to spend ridiculous amounts on RMT Gems. I love having these to-do lists; much like the trophies for the game that I’ve been slowly acquiring.

The new limited time game mode is called Xing Tian’s Mountain, and is a PvE 5 vs AI brawl lasting 5 rounds. Each round is a minute long and pits your team against a random encounter. After beating five of these encounters, you get points and a chest (lockbox). I have yet to do so, but have made it to the last round once. As this patch just dropped, I haven’t had a bunch of time with the new mode, but I do intend to keep at it. I’m also planning to attempt to complete all of the quests, and am looking forward to trying the new Gods. I actually played the most recently released God, Izanami, and she was a blast. A high mobility hunter is right up my alley. I have no idea what the new ones will be like, but each time a new God releases I’ve enjoyed them.

I recorded my first few rounds with the new mode and spliced them together so you can get a feel for it, rather than a shitty attempt at describing it in my rambly style. Check it out:

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