By The Numbers: Week 9, 2016


Another tough loss came in week 8 for my Packers. Losing by a point is never fun, but there were plenty of signs of life from the offense, and though the defense let the last touchdown in a little too easily (costing us the game) I am still confident that we will get hot and healthy at the right time of the season. I’d much rather be 4-3 going into week 9 than 7-0 just to crumble late in the season. An NFL analyst said it best:

For all the power rankings haters who said their lovely writer had Green Bay too high, here’s hoping they watched the game in Atlanta on Sunday. Yep, a one point loss whilst missing their top two running backs, a dynamic hybrid player who was filling in at RB, as well as one of their starting wide receivers. Oh yeah, almost forgot their top three corners and a premier pass rusher. So basically, the whole team. Get off the Packers, everybody.

With that said, I missed the Thursday night prediction, though I would have picked the falcons to win anyway. This week Green Bay is back at Lambeau and faces the Colts, who always seem to find ways to beat us, but I am confident we emerge 5-3 this weekend. Here’s my other picks:

Steelers 21, Ravens 17
Cowboys 38, Browns 10
Chiefs 20, Jags 10
Jets 24, Dolphins 16
Lions 21, Vikings 19
Eagles 24, Giants 21
Panthers 28, Rams 20
Saints 27, 49ers 13
Packers 28, Colts 21
Chargers 21, Titans 9
Raiders 24, Broncos 21
Seahawks 31, Bills 20