By The Numbers: Week 10, 2016


At the midway point of the season, a familiar tale rears its ugly head. The Packers are 4-4, having lost to some of the better teams in the league and having bested some of the worst, we don’t have a lot to be proud of. Keeping things close during the losses is testament to the strength of this team, despite the staggering amount of injuries. It seems to be a similar story each year, where the team starts off alright but is marred by injury and then makes the playoff push at the end of the season. We were 10-6 the last time we won the Super Bowl, so I’m not too worried just yet. However, we have 3 road games on the horizon and those are typically harder to win. This next week better be a win, as the Titans are chumps and I’m sick of losing. Maybe we’ll get some of the playmakers back in the coming weeks and the ship will be righted. But for now, I’m just going to make my picks for the week and shut up. Just like this election, it’s easier to just wait and see than make dramatic statements. But if Trump ruins the world, I blame all of you.

Ravens 27, Browns 10
Chiefs 21, Panthers 13
Texans 20, Jags 16
Broncos 28, Saints 24
Rams 21, Jets 10
Falcons 31, Eagles 27
Buccs 16, Bears 9
Packers 28, Titans 10
Redskins 26, Vikings 20
Chargers 31, Dolphins 17
Cardinals 30, 49ers 7
Cowboys 26, Steelers 21
Patriots 32, Seahawks 19
Bengals 23, Giants 19