The War Report: Theorycrafting – Master Trinketeer Deck


As I mentioned in my last War Report, I had intentions on sharing some of the other deck ideas I’ve brainstormed since my return to the game. My newest creation is a White/Green Thopter deck, centering around the new Kaladesh rare card, the Master Trinketeer. We’ll jump into the break down shortly, but first a small progress report. I managed to get in some playtesting this weekend, and found that not only does this deck work, but it works very well. I’ve tested and tweaked my White/Black deck the most, and it most definitely stands up to most decks, but this new creation stands to be one of my better ones. This weekend, my friend had another of his friends over who happens to play the game and I spent the entire night playing against his buddy. He had some reasonably powered decks that were standard legal, but he couldn’t beat either of those decks until he pulled out a modern legal colorless Eldrazi deck that had some mean cards in it. But that’s basically cheating, so I’ll call it a win. Still don’t know how the White/Green might stand up to my friend’s decks, but I’ll find out soon enough.

At this point, I think this deck is already mastered. My deckbuilding has improved to the point that I’m not having to make quite so many passes and tweaks on decks. The White/Black took over a month to hone down. The Blue/Black Zombie deck needs a little work still, but singles are on the way! The Red/Green Werewolf deck didn’t wreck face as much as I had hoped, but it does have promise. Some tweaks are on the way for that. This Green/White deck worked right out of the gate. Finally, I have an order being shipped that has what should be the finishing touches for the Red/Blue Energy deck I’m working on. I also dropped a little extra cash on a pretty sweet case to hold all of my decks for those times I’m on the go, and picked up some extra dice and tokens. So I think I’m done spending money on this hobby until the next expansion drops. Which is right around the corner. Anyway, let’s take a look at the new deck, shall we?

White/Green Master Trinketeer Deck


x4 Master Trinketeer

It’s unfortunate that there isn’t a standard legal White/Green Planeswalker out at the moment, but perhaps the next expansion will rectify that. For now, this card is what the whole deck is based around. A 3/2 for 3 mana isn’t bad, but it’s his abilities that are what makes the deck. Combining this card with other cards that help me create servos and thopters, and suddenly I have an army. He can also create tokens himself, so when I have no other moves, I get instant 2/2 artifact creatures. 4 of these are present, and I’ve pulled one every game thus far.

x2 Toolcraft Exemplar

I almost took this card out of the deck because it doesn’t innately provide anything for token generation. However, any servo/thopter will count as an artifact, so with one on the board this is a 3/2 for one mana. Add two more tokens on the board and he also gains first strike. It’s a no-brainer why this one works out so well, and helps this become more of an aggro deck. I’m considering adding two more of these in place of something else.

x2 Visionary Augmenter

I reasoned pretty quickly that using creatures with Fabricate would be very beneficial in this deck. Each time I drop one of these, it either becomes a 4/3 out of the gate, or I keep it and produce two other 1/1’s who could easily be 2/2 if a Trinketeer is on the board. Overrun them all!

x2 Cultivator of Blades

The Cultivator of blades is basically the same as the more generic minion above, with Fabricate 2, however, this guy almost always wants the self buff, mainly because every time he attacks, all of your other attacking creatures get +X/+X = to his power. I.E., if he’s a 3/3 all your other minions get +3/+3. Throw a Larger Than Life on him, and say good night unless they have some instant board clear.

x2 Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter

I don’t really like running more than one of any particular legendaries due to the rules about only having one at a time, but this card is a mini version of the Trinketeer. A 1/2 for one mana, but has the ability to create servos or hulking constructs dependant on rushing out tons of minions. Another way to help finish off the game quickly.


x4 Snare Thopter
The reason there aren’t a bunch of green or white creatures in the deck is because there are plenty of thopter options in the artifacts department. These 3/2 flyers with haste are going to be nasty with some of the passive buffs I have in the deck.

x4 Ovalchase Dragster

I haven’t really used any vehicles in my decks yet. It’s an alright mechanic, but in most cases I haven’t seen where I’d rather have a Vehicle in place of another spell or creature. However, these ones feel like they will fit nicely with the deck’s theme. A crew cost of only 1 means any of my readily available servo/thopter tokens can crew this beast for an easy 6 damage, and depending on circumstance, that trample damage might end the game.

x2 Inventor’s Goggles

I have had a few copies of this card lying around for a while. All of my creatures that are white or green are Artificers, so it felt appropriate to add some of these to the deck. It can help keep the important ones alive, and it’s cheap and reusable.

x2 Chief of the Foundry

Another card I’m considering adding two more of. Between these and the Trinketeers, I should be able to create an army of cheap to make but progressively stronger minions. Feels perfect for the deck.

x2 Pilgrim’s Eye

Honestly, this card was thrown in just because it’s a Thopter. But a 1/1 for 3 that searches for land isn’t too hot. Will likely drop these for more Chiefs or Exemplars.

x2 Animation Module

This artifact feels to fit in with the deck as well. Earning +1/+1 counters via fabricate should happen pretty often, and each time it does, I can create more servos. It also has the ability to multiply counters, so I threw two in the deck.

x1 Whirlermaker

Another way to make thopters, just to add to the pain.


x4 Servo Exhibition

Another bread and butter card for the deck, this one gives two 1/1’s for two mana, and was a no brainer addition.

x4 Built to Last

As most of my creatures are going to need some sort of pumping up at some point, and since I plan to make tons of artifact creatures, this spell felt right at home. Making a creature just big enough to get a kill but then also having the ability to protect an artifact creature from dying is amazing for 1 mana.

x2 Collective Effort

I really like this card but have yet to use it in a game. It has some synergy with cards like Animation Module and provides some control. I like the fact that it’s situational and can do multiple things.

x2 Engineered Might

Another situational card that blends well and is the only dual color card I have in the deck.  The ability to make one creature huge or all a little bigger will come in handy.

For lands I have a pretty standard split of Forests and Plains, along with a couple dual lands from recent expansions. I also added in my lone Inventor’s Fair, which is a land you can tap for colorless mana, but also gives a little sustain by granting one life each turn if you control 3 or more artifacts. It also can be sacrificed to search for an artifact from the deck, but it’s likely I won’t use it for that.

So there you have it. I’ll be back again after I get some more games in. Til then, happy gaming!