By The Numbers: Wildcard Weekend 2017


Apologies for missing the final week of the NFL season, I was out of town when I should have made my picks, and well, that’s that really. I neglected the blog and anything else really, as I spent the last week of the year sick, and part of the time I was out visiting family and friends. Honestly don’t feel too bad about it at this point! I did manage to watch the final game of the season, where the Packers faced off against the Lions, and completed the running of the table, as Rodgers predicted back when the team was 4-6 and things were looking grim. Even I had my doubts, given some of the teams we had to face, but things went our way, and the team finished 10-6 and took the NFC North crown again, which we lost out to the Vikings last year. But the crown is back in the right hands, and the Packers are hosting a wildcard game next weekend. Normally I’d feel very confident going into this, but given the fact that it’s the Giants coming to town, I have hesitation. You see, the last two times the Giants came to Lambeau in the post season they walked away with the win, and coincidentally both times they went on to the super bowl to beat the Patriots. We did beat them in the regular season this year, but that means nothing. It’s a whole new ballgame at this point. I still have the faith, but with a little trepidation. Here’s my picks for Wildcard weekend:

Packers 27, Giants 20
Seahawks 24, Lions 21
Raiders 20, Texans 13
Steelers 31, Dolphins 21