By The Numbers: Superbowl 51 Edition


So the amazing run came to an end. 8 games of magic, followed by a soul-crushing defeat. I seriously could not believe how terrible the first half of the NFC Championship game went. It should have been a little closer, had the FG not been missed, and if Ripkowski didn’t fumble the ball in the red zone, I think it would have been 10-10 early, and the moment wouldn’t have been so hard to turn around. Even at 17-10, getting the ball back in the second half could have tied the game and we could have had the shootout that everyone expected. Even when we played the Falcons in October and lost by a point, we at least kept up. I honestly don’t know how every phase of the game went their way, including some horrible no-calls on penalties that might have helped a little… any help at all would have been appreciated. I couldn’t watch after trailing so horribly in the 3rd quarter. Sure, some points got put on the board eventually, but it was over at half time.

The Falcons are looking good to win the Super Bowl at this point, and I hope they do just so Brady on the Patriots don’t get another ring. All I know is that the Packers put on a good run, when most of us thought the season was over at that 4-6 point. I’m happy we got to the playoffs. Happy we got to the Championship game again, but I can’t stand how our defense just can’t seem to get it done when things matter most. Sure, we were bombed and depleted, without our starting corners for most of the season, with plenty of other nagging injuries at most positions. But how do we make the magic happen over and over just to look like the Browns in the Championship game? It doesn’t make sense. But it is what it is, and we have to move onto next season. Another round of low draft picks, more draft and develop, and hopefully some of those injured starters get back, stay healthy and we can make another run next year.

What my main concern is though, is that Aaron Rodgers is a year younger than I am. He’s got 5-6 years of prime playing time until he’s going to start thinking about retiring, or his body will give out on him. Peyton got his 2nd ring before retiring, let’s not wait for that year to get Rodgers his 2nd. Something needs to be done. 8 straight years in the playoffs but only 1 ring to show for it isn’t good enough. See you all next season.

Falcons 33, Patriots 27