The Return Of Evil


It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to talk about a Resident Evil game. A fan of the series since its inception, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this title. Unfortunately, I have yet to put together the funds to pick up a PSVR, and though I was hyped for that experience, from what I’ve seen on offer there aren’t a whole lot of games that would really benefit from the peripheral. However, this game is amazing even if you aren’t playing with a VR headset (and I imagine even more intense with one). I’ll probably still pick one of those headsets up eventually, and if/when I do, I’ll have to give this game another whirl. All I know is that within the first few minutes of playing, I was already talking to the screen and feeling rather uneasy. “No I don’t want to go into that room” has been a regular utterance.

So, the big kicker here is that the series has shifted from its traditional third person over-the-shoulder camera, which in turn had evolved from static purposefully-placed cameras from the first few games, to full first person. This is not the only change for the series, but it is the most prominent. Also gone is any mention of Raccoon City, main characters from earlier games (which have been involved in most every title) or the appearance of any zombies. Sure, there’s a scene where a corpse is floating in some water and looks a little like a zombie, and your girlfriend seems to want to break up with you at another point, also vaguely resembling the living dead. But I have yet to encounter an actual zombie, or really many enemies for that matter. Admittedly, I am only about an hour into the title, but I wanted to share my early impressions.

First person brings a whole new perspective that brings the game’s intimacy level up a notch. Seeing things as if they are through the character’s eyes means shit coming at you feels more real. I can only imagine this being a pants-shitting experience for those wearing VR rigs. Honestly, I haven’t been this scared playing a Resident Evil game since the first. Playing that in the dark was terrifying, and this game is no exception, particularly because things look very real as opposed to the low poly graphics of the classic that still scared the crap out of me. The pacing has been slow, but there is a tension that builds as each new area is explored and things get more janky, to the point where you are finally in your first battle, completely caught off guard. There are flashes of an underlying story that feels ripped out of horror movie, but as I’ve said there are no mentions of zombies. My gut is telling me there is something sinister afoot, particularly within this first hour or so of gameplay, to the point that I feel things are going to accelerate fairly quickly. Soon I will know more about what is going on in this house, and I can’t wait to find out more!

If you have ever enjoyed a Resident Evil title, enjoy horror games in general, or are looking for a good scare, this game should be up you alley. Here’s some screens from my initial stint. There could be some potential spoilers ahead!