The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

I’ve written about TellTale Games’ Walking Dead series before, and there’s finally a new game in the series to discuss once more. The first season of the game came out a few years back on PS3 and was eventually ported to the PC as well. I loved the series, being a fan of the comic and TV show, which all encompass events within the real world, but are separate tales of different groups of people. It is a nice touch that characters we’ve met in the comics and the TV series have made appearances as well, and this game series has followed many familiar faces as well. I went into pretty excruciating detail the last time around, as far as explaining my actions, the general story and finishing off with my choices. Well, I can’t exactly do that at this juncture. The reason being is that not only did I pick the game up a couple of weeks after release, I also only played the first episode when I first loaded up the game. I don’t recall all of the scenes where the major choices took place, as you don’t really know what major choices you are making until after the episode is over. I decided to fire up the game and play episode 2 last night, and though I do remember that episode more clearly, I still don’t really feel the need to spoil things for you. I’d rather just talk about the game, and I’ll share my choices in case you want to compare.

If you’ve played the first two seasons of The Walking Dead games, you can import your save (if you actually uploaded those saves to the cloud years ago, and still have the ability to download them to your system of choice, that is). There is also an option to make the key choices from the first two seasons as you start up a new game, and then you can play with those prior choices coloring the outcome of various parts of the game. Personally, I couldn’t remember the exact choices I made, so I made my best guesses and moved along.

The game plays like other TellTale games, but I had come to a point that they weren’t really doing much for me anymore, and I hadn’t purchased one of their games in quite some time. It was all too samey, and without killer IPs, I couldn’t be bothered (Minecraft and Batman, I’m looking at you as being likely snoozefests). I will note that this title plays very well on the PS4, whereas I was noticing issues with framerate drops with the other titles that I played on my PS3. Its likely performance is even better on the PC, but I have made a tradition of playing these games on the Playstation, so I didn’t want to steer away from that.

Story-wise, we pick up some time after the 2nd season. Clementine isn’t present until a while into the first episode. Instead, we meet a new group of survivors, watch flashbacks to before the zombie apocalypse, and eventually come to find Clementine is a little more grown, and definitely less trusting than she used to be. She’s definitely a survivor, but has grown up with the world having gone to shit, and she’s starting to show it. Eventually shit hits the fan as it always does, and then we pick up in episode 2 shortly after some traumatic events. More of those are thrown on the pile during the second portion of the game.

Overall, it’s still my favorite series from Telltale, and I’ve played nearly all of their games (except for the last recent entries, which didn’t appeal to me). I look forward to seeing this one through to its end, and I’m curious if this series will continue, or if this will be the finale of a trilogy. I suppose time will tell. Here are my choices from Episodes 1 & 2. I’ll be back when the next episode releases. Until then, happy gaming, where ever you find yourselves!

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier_20170206204611
Episode 1 Choices
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier_20170206204618
Episode 2 Choices