The Next Chapter

As I mentioned in my last post, the big move was this past weekend. I managed to get everything packed up and my boss was gracious enough to let me utilize the work truck to move, so we had the plan set.

By 10 am I was ready to go. Shortly thereafter, my co-worker arrived with the truck and we had it loaded within 30 minutes. A short drive later, we were loading up my girlfriend’s last bits of furniture and an even shorter drive after that, we were at the new place. I had only seen it for the first time the night before, but I was happy with our new digs and we already had somewhat of a game plan to set up the rooms we were taking over. Throwing everything inside went quickly and after the truck was emptied we paid my friend with a pastrami sandwich from The Hat, and sent him on his way.

The rest of the day was spent trying to figure out where to squirrel away all of our shit. My girlfriend has a ridiculous amount of clothes and we had very little hanging space in our closet, so we had to make some adjustments. Regardless, we managed to basically set up our room and her son’s room before the end of the night. We did call it a little early so we could drink some beers, and we ended up crashing out shortly thereafter.

It’s amazing how much shit goes into moving house. Not only is there the packing and physical moving aspect, but you forget just how much shit you need after you have settled in. For instance, the shower head in my bathroom was garbage, so we had to buy a new one of those. We had to go grocery shopping to get the fridge full again, and we had to buy some other assorted odds and ends to accommodate our things. By mid day we had our stuff situated, but our roommates (with a much larger house and more stuff) were still working on things when I left for work this morning. They’ll likely not be completely done for a while, but they are buying the house so it’s not like they have to rush.

There’s no Internet just yet. Apparently the appointment is tomorrow, which is why I’m writing this post from work. I have a bunch of address changing to do but it is so much easier on the web so I’m just going to wait til this weekend (or one evening) to worry about it. There are locks being changed this week as well, so I should have my set of keys soon. All in all the move went fairly smooth, but given my professional experience with moving, this shouldn’t be a surprise.

Looking ahead, I think I’m going to have more spare time to devote to gaming and other creative endeavors. Blogging should hopefully be a more regular thing as well. One of the guys I just moved in with is interested in podcasting, as is one of his friends so we might get started on that within the next couple of months. I’m also toying with the idea of reviving Couch Podtatoes, mainly because the other podcast is likely to be very specific, and I still want my broad gaming/culture outlet. CP I can start on my own and keep going by myself so I’m less worried about it. The other podcast is going to take some work to get going, so we’ll see how it goes. I don’t want to completely overload myself either, so time will tell.

For now, you can rest assured that I will have more content coming in many of the forms I used to provide. Thank you for supporting me during my lull.

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