By The Numbers: Week 8, 2017

It’s still probably too early to count the season as a lost one, but it certainly feels that way. Reports are saying Rodgers could return as early as week 15, but other reports are saying he had a large plate and a bunch of screws attached to his clavicle, so it’s clearly a worse injury than the last one. Could this be the end of an era? Will he return at all? Can Hundley fill his shoes? Doesn’t seem likely. I believe that Rodgers will miss the rest of the season and might come back next year but who knows how good he will remain. It’s clear that the team isn’t the same without him, and though this week is a bye week and some of the other injured players might make their way back to the lineup by the time we’re back to playing, it’s still up in the air as to if they can actually win some games. The game was fairly close against the Saints, but they still managed to pull out the win, and I don’t see us making the playoffs at this rate. 4-3 isn’t terrible, but I imagine we’d be 7-1 at this point with Rodgers and that’s just sad. I’m sad. I love football but not having my favorite player on the field makes it feel like watching college football where I just don’t care. Anyway, let’s see how my picks went last week:

Chiefs 42, Raiders 27
Buccs 28, Bills 21
Ravens 21, Vikings 14
Jets 10, Dolphins 9
Rams 27, Cardinals 17 – Correct
Colts 21, Jags 19
Packers 20, Saints 17
Panthers 30, Bears 10
Titans 32, Browns 7 – Correct
Cowboys 27, 49ers 13
Broncos 30, Chargers 24
Steelers 24, Bengals 21 – Correct
Giants 20, Seahawks 17
Patriots 28, Falcons 24 – Correct

Wow, I did bad. I got 4 correct this week, and didn’t even make a pick for the Monday night game. This whole Rodgers injury thing has thrown me for a loop, clearly. Oh well, let’s get the picks for this week over with and call it a day.

Dolphins 27, Ravens 21
Vikings 28, Browns 7
Falcons 21, Jets 10
Buccs 24, Panthers 20
Eagles 32, 49ers 10
Saints 27, Bears 21
Patriots 30, Chargers 10
Raiders 24, Bills 19
Bengals 21, Colts 13
Seahawks 24, Texans 14
Cowboys 28, Redskins 20
Steelers 30, Lions 27
Chiefs 27, Broncos 20


2 thoughts on “By The Numbers: Week 8, 2017

  1. At least you didn’t break your collarbone on a 4-10 week….

    too soon? =)

    The NFL is becoming a joke. Last Monday night I think the injury cart came out 10 times to cart people off the field? There is simply no way to protect the elite talent anymore. Players are too big, too fast, too strong, and the human tendons and bones have not advanced strong enough to keep bodies in check over a season of the grind and smash play.

    I was trying to think of an answer, and the worst one – but probably the only one – is that you can’t hit QBs anymore. Soon as a QB goes down the season is over, all the other elite talent becomes useless (I have Davante Adams in my fantasy football league, care to guess a value?

    Hell, there aren’t even enough good QBs for one for every team, so when Luck, or Rodgers, or Winston, or any starting QB goes down it just lowers the quality of the game by 1000x. Did you watch the Dolphins / Ravens game last night? IT was shit. Unwatchable. boring AF.

    The NFL is going to have to address these issues at some point.

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    • I feel like the league is constantly making rules that you would think would lead to less injuries, yet the injury plague has been getting increasingly worse each year. Maybe it’s just because I pay such close attention to my team, but it feels like Green Bay has a rash of injuries every year, which costs us games and ultimately our exit from the playoffs before winning it all. Everytime it seems like things are clicking and “it’s gonna be our year” something like this happens. Rodgers is a year younger than me. I know I couldn’t handle being out there on the field at this age, my back hurts just from sleeping. So he doesn’t have all that much time left, particularly if he doesn’t come back 100% from this injury. Sigh. I love the game but it’s rough not having “the man.”

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