By The Numbers: Week 9, 2017

It was the Packers bye week last week so I didn’t really pay attention to football at all. We spent the weekend prepping for Halloween so I never once turned a game on. Usually I’ll still watch a little football even if my team isn’t playing, but real life called and I answered. I’m hoping that some of the players with injuries come back to play and that maybe, just maybe we’ll get some wins with our backup QB. Hundley has not yet impressed me, but perhaps he will pull something off. I know the first year Rodgers was a starter we had a poor season, but every single year since then we have made the playoffs. That’s a long run to see it go down, so the team need to step it up so that if Rodgers can come back there’s actually reason for him to. I’m still doubtful he will but I think it really comes down what the team’s record is when the time has passed for him to heal. If we are in a spot to contend for a playoff seed, then I think he will come in to finish the season, like he did the last time this happened. Time will tell I suppose. Let’s see how I did with my picks last week:

Dolphins 27, Ravens 21
Vikings 28, Browns 7 – Correct
Falcons 21, Jets 10 – Correct
Buccs 24, Panthers 20
Eagles 32, 49ers 10 – Correct, and final was 33-10 wow!
Saints 27, Bears 21 – Correct
Patriots 30, Chargers 10 – Correct
Raiders 24, Bills 19
Bengals 21, Colts 13 – Correct
Seahawks 24, Texans 14 – Correct
Cowboys 28, Redskins 20 – Correct
Steelers 30, Lions 27 – Correct
Chiefs 27, Broncos 20 – Correct

Well that was a good week, only missed 3, and I’m surprised I almost correctly picked the score for that Eagles-49ers game. It’s the only one that came even close from my predictions for the year. Not bad, not bad. This was my best week so far I think. Let’s make some picks for week 9:

Bills 27, Jets 20
Texans 28, Colts 14
Jags 21, Bengals 16
Saints 28, Buccs 10
Rams 30, Giants 10
Panthers 27, Falcons 24
Eagles 20, Broncos 13
Ravens 21, Titans 7
Cardinals 24, 49ers 10
Seahawks 30, Redskins 20
Chiefs 30, Cowboys 23
Dolphins 21, Raiders 14
Packers 21, Lions 13

Here’s hoping the Packers defense can put on a show and slow down Matt Stafford and the Lions. They were looking like the team to beat in the division before Rodgers went down, but in the weeks since they haven’t done great. We have a better record, and I think we’re tied for 1st with the Vikings, but still, division games are tough (it’s been division opponents that have injured Rodgers the most after all). I’ll be watching this week. I hope the bye helps with injuries and the rhythm of the team.