By The Numbers: Week 10, 2017

This just in – our backup quarterback isn’t that good. I guess that really isn’t news, but it’s surprising to me that a supposed “good” quarterback in college and one who looks pretty sharp in preseason games (which are arguably still more intense than college games) can completely suck during regular games. I know my team is beleaguered by injury, but that’s nothing new. The whole league is having these sorts of issues, and the Packers always have injuries at key positions throughout each season and still somehow manage to cobble together enough wins to make it into the post season. This year it doesn’t feel like that will happen. We’re tied with the Lions for 2nd place in the division at 4-4. We were 4-1 before Rodgers went down with his injury. The Vikings are now 6-2 with no real quarterback, but the rest of their team isn’t also destroyed, so I guess it goes to show you don’t necessarily need “the man,” yet for our team you do. Sigh. I miss football. I watched last weeks game and it looked for a minute like the team might come alive. The defense produced turnovers. The offense made some last minute touchdowns but it was too late at that point. Garbage time doesn’t win games. We face the Bears this week, and though they aren’t doing so hot either, they’d still like to kick us while we’re down. I’m not holding my breath for a victory here either. Let’s check out my picks for last week.

Bills 27, Jets 20
Texans 28, Colts 14
Jags 21, Bengals 16 – Correct
Saints 28, Buccs 10 – Correct  – final was 30-10
Rams 30, Giants 10 – Correct
Panthers 27, Falcons 24 – Correct
Eagles 20, Broncos 13 – Correct
Ravens 21, Titans 7
Cardinals 24, 49ers 10 – Correct
Seahawks 30, Redskins 20
Chiefs 30, Cowboys 23
Dolphins 21, Raiders 14
Packers 21, Lions 13 

An even split week. 6-6. I did almost correctly predict the score for the Saints/Buccs game, so that’s a plus. I guess I’ll have to find my final score at the end of the season and then grade myself each year. Anyway, I spaced making this post yesterday, so I missed the Thursday night prediction. Regardless, let’s get on with the picks for this week!

Packers 21, Bears 10
Lions 27, Browns 3
Steelers 35, Colts 20
Jags 24, Chargers 13
Saints 30, Bills 14
Jets 21, Buccs 20
Vikings 27, Redskins 20
Titans 21, Bengals 10
Rams 30, Texans 16
Falcons 21, Cowboys 17
Giants 20, 49ers 13
Patriots 27, Broncos 21
Panthers 30, Dolphins 12

Hoping the Packers can finally get a win with Hundley under center. If we can maintain a record somewhere above .500 we might get Rodgers back and grab a playoff berth. Time will tell.