By The Numbers: Week 12, 2017

Wow, just wow. A blowout home loss for week 11, facing the 4-5 Ravens. Now granted, the Ravens are never a terrible team and always tend to do fairly well, but our offense couldn’t do shit. There were turnovers, no rhythm, just… fuck. The defense did its job early keeping the Raven’s points down during the first half, but in the second half they managed to put up points and we didn’t do shit. Now sitting at 5-5, it’s starting to feel like a slippery slope. We face the Steelers next, and that’s going to be a loss, I can already see it. They have been on fire this year, and though we probably would have been too had Rodgers not gone down, it’s unlikely that we’re making the playoffs. There are a few teams we should be able to beat going forward, but even then I don’t think there will be enough reason for Rodgers to try and come back. He should just rest at this point and we should take some quality draft picks for next year. I hate to see an 8 year playoff appearance streak go down in flames, but at this point it would almost be better to throw in the towel. I know McCarthy won’t be doing that but the agitation this backup QB has given me just makes me not want to watch football for the rest of the season. Now I know how it feels to be a Chargers fan. Sigh. Let’s see how my picks went for last week:

Steelers 27, Titans 21 – Correct
Lions 30, Bears 17 – Correct
Jaguars 21, Browns 3 – Correct
Packers 27, Ravens 20
Cardinals 21, Texans 13
Dolphins 21, Buccs 20
Rams 30, Vikings 27
Chiefs 30, Giants 10
Saints 31, Redskins 19 – Correct
Bills 21, Chargers 7
Broncos 24, Bengals 14
Patriots 32, Raiders 20 – Correct
Eagles 38, Cowboys 20 – Correct
Seahawks 28, Falcons 27

I went 6-8 on the week, so not a good round of picks. Meh. Don’t care. Let’s make some middling picks again and move on, shall we?

Vikings 30, Lions 21
Cowboys 24, Chargers 14
Redskins 28, Giants 24
Titans 21, Colts 13
Eagles 27, Bears 10
Panthers 31, Jets 16
Patriots 30, Dolphins 20
Falcons 27, Buccs 23
Bengals 35, Browns 7
Chiefs 23, Bills 21
Seahawks 30, 49ers 14
Rams 21, Saints 20
Jags 27, Cardinals 21
Raiders 28, Broncos 24
Packers 27, Steelers 26
Ravens 26, Texans 16