Bioshock Remastered: Complete

It was about a month ago that I first wrote about Bioshock: Remastered, and despite playing other games and spending time on Magic, Football, Work and Family life, I’ve finally completed it. All things said and done it only took 13 hours so I guess that tells you that I didn’t really put my mind to it, though about half of those hours were spent wrapping the game up last night.

Bioshock is a great game. Reminiscent of titles like Half-Life before it, it is a story-rich first person shooter with some interesting elements culminating in your character being the hero and saving the world so-to-speak. In my case, I went the route of saving the little sisters, so at the end of the game they came to aid me during the final battle. I’m not sure how much of a different ending there would be had I chosen to harvest them instead, but at the end of the day I’m not going to bother playing through again. I’m content to let it lie as it does and move on to the second title in the series.

I recall reading about the sequel and that it was not nearly as good as the original. I also remember reading about playing as a Big Daddy in that title, but I’m not sure if that relates to the original, in that at the end of the game you make yourself into a Big Daddy so that the little sisters will help you make your way to Atlas (Fontaine). The final movie also alludes to your little sisters growing up, having families and being present on your death bed, so perhaps it isn’t the same character at all, though it was an easy conclusion to make. I hope to dive into the sequel soon, because regardless of how it goes, I already know I’m going to enjoy Bioshock Infinite and am looking forward to getting to that. But either way, the backlog rejoices as I move a game from the unplayed column to the completed one.

Here are some screens of the latter half of the journey:

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I really enjoyed this one, and also enjoyed the fact that I didn’t have to spend more than a month playing it. Had I really pushed I could have finished it in a weekend. Perhaps I’ll try to do that with the next game. Either way I’m happy to be making progress on the backlog and hope to continue my pattern of buying next to no games and finishing off the old ones. I’ll probably never complete every game I own, but I can eliminate ones I do and scratch those off the list that don’t meet my approval. Progress is progress.