Entering The Planes of Prophecy

As promised, I was gifted a copy of the newest Everquest 2 expansion, Planes of Prophecy by my Dad as an early Christmas gift. The purchase was made last night, and I took the opportunity to jump in game and get started. The first order of business was to make my decision on who to use my level 100 boost on.

Having spent some time playing around with my Wizard earlier in the week, I had grown quite fond of the character and even leveled him a bit through his 30’s. He ended up being the character that I used the boost on, and then I received a bag of gear along with some of the other goodies provided in one of the upgraded editions. The instant level to 100 netted me a bunch of achievements based on levels, and granted me 320 AAs, which was about 200 on top of what I already had. I used one of the server side builds for now just to get the points assigned, and then finished off the other character development choices and was ready to go. Or so I thought.

My Dad was online, and started familiarizing me with other things that were new to the expansion, along with giving me a laundry list of other things I would need to do in order to really get started in the new zones. First off, we headed to the Plane of Magic, where he took me to a vendor that gives you more new gear that is supposed to be semi-raid gear from the previous expansion. I equipped that gear and my stats were through the roof compared to anything I was used to. Seeing millions of hit points on a cloth wearer was shocking!

Next up was grabbing the new Mercenary that came bundled with the expansion. Apparently this ugly little troll/goblin/thing is an Inquisitor and from what my Dad tells me he’s pretty awesome.

Not very cute though. Some of the other goodies included a familiar that can be leveled up and provides a buff, along with some rather cool looking mounts and other things like a vendor cabinet that reduces all broker fees to zero. I didn’t get to do much else in the new zones, because as I said there are some things I need to do before I can really get started. But I did get a couple of good shots of our entry:

We headed back to the guild hall afterwards, and I realized that I needed to redo all of my hotbars and make sure I had the best versions of my spells set up. Apparently I can start off in the Plane of Magic right away, but then I’d be missing out on Ascension levels and other things that were added previously. I guess there is a signature quest line that I need to complete on one character before I can skip it on others, and some faction grinding to do so I’m not KOS somewheres. Essentially a bunch of information was dumped on me in a very short amount of time so I’m just going to take his word for it that there are some pre-requisites to do and then I can level through the new zones. I’m actually pretty excited and looking forward to getting started!

While we were in the guild hall he showed me some of the new additions he had made; new amenities that are helpful and some other ways to instantly teleport to zones that didn’t exist the last time I had played. The guild buff is nice, and being able to expedite travel is good too. He also made me an officer, so if anyone is playing the game on the Maj’dul server, I can offer you guild membership if you are interested!

There was a stack of in-game emails that came my way and will be starters for new quest chains so I’ll have more to figure out and to get started on. It’s likely that I’ll be able to put in good amounts of time before long, as I’m off from the 24th until the 2nd of January.

So I’m back in Norrath, and it feels good.

5 thoughts on “Entering The Planes of Prophecy

  1. I am learning so much,so fast. Almost level 15.

    Question I have – I have so many housing items. Should I just grab a cheap place and start decorating? Like an inn room? Or should I save up? I have no clue where to start there. Can you recall to your house easily and them back to where you were adventuring?

    Most.housing guides I have found ar for veteran players, not complete boobs!

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  2. So as someone who hasn’t gotten too far into the game, the only thing really available are the inn rooms in Qeynos/Freeport, or there is starter housing in Neriak/Kelethin/Gorowyn/Halas depending on what faction you chose. There is housing in Maj’Dul but you won’t gain access to that until you’re 50+, and there is major housing available later on. For instance, you can buy houses in any of those cities, but they will cost money to acquire and the rent is considerably higher than the starter houses. I have a house in Halas that is rather large, but I ended up putting all of my housing stuff from both of my mains in it, as you can set permissions to let your other characters access the house.

    As far as porting goes, you have a “call to home” spell and “set recall point” spell in your spell book (default K key). You can use the set recall point spell to be right outside of your house, but unfortunately you will have to work your way back to whereever you were adventuring on your own.

    What is your character’s name? I can invite you to the guild which will help you to speed up your travel, as we have access to the wizard portals and druid rings plus the regular old city bell in the guild hall. IIRC there is also a house item in our guild hall that lets you jump straight to your house as well. They have added so much shit over the years it’s hard to remember.

    TLDR; Use the starter housing for now. You can switch later. Also give me your character name so I can invite you to the guild and that will help with your travelling.


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