Bioshock 2: Remastered Complete

Like the first game before it, Bioshock 2 Remastered took me around a month to complete. In real-time, it was actually just over 7 hours to complete the story-line, but I did do other things in the interim and to be fair I was sick for a few days and didn’t play much of anything (still trying to get over the last of this lingering cold). That said, I have some commentary about this title along with some screens of the end of my playthrough. This isn’t exactly a new game so most of you can probably skip this post, but I like getting these things written down for posterity.

Bioshock 2 didn’t fare as well as its predecessor when it came to review scores or community opinion. There are some neat and novel ideas present, sure. It was clear that your character from the first game died at the end, and they did a good job of tying up loose ends (Fontaine taking over for Ryan at the end of the first game and then being over taken by Lamb by the beginning of the second), and explaining what happened with the little sisters, who you are, etc. The concept of playing a Big Daddy was cool, but in some cases I felt over powered compared to the main character in the first game. Despite Rapture being a similar place in this title, it still seemed to lack a bit of charm, felt much more linear and honestly it was a little too short. I blew threw it a full 3 hours faster than the original, and there wasn’t even a final boss fight. Overall it just wasn’t as good.

This of course is a byproduct of the fact that we had the original, it was very good and we’re making comparisons. If this game stood alone, you would have less of an understanding of Rapture, but it probably would have felt like a better game. This time around I chose to be the bad guy and harvest all of the little sisters for ADAM. I had several maxed out plasmids and upgraded weapons by the end of the game and felt nigh invincible. I likely got a different ending because of this, teaching my “daughter” Eleanor to be a ruthless killer as a result, and she not only killed her mother Lamb, but killed me at the very end as well. It’s a shame because it feels like they could have gone further with the story of Rapture, but I know that the sky city in Bioshock Infinite sounds intriguing as well. Not sure how the story will tie in (if at all) but I do look forward to getting into it.

Here are screens of the final bit of my playthrough. I’ll be back with more on Infinite as soon as I get into it!

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By The Numbers: Week 16, 2017

Well, the season is over for me. I’ll go ahead and make my picks going into this week and I’ll do it once more for next, but at this point it’s game over. The Packers have been eliminated from the Playoffs as of Monday evening. We still had a very slim margin had some of the games gone a different way, but we all knew that if we didn’t beat the Panthers we weren’t going to make it. Rodgers had a terrible day, throwing 3 picks. We still had the opportunity to win though, as a bullshit reversed call on a Touchdown essentially gave them the win, but it is what it is. 8 years in a row we went to the playoffs, and now it’s just the Patriots who have that kind of a streak. Oh, to play in the AFC where the teams are mostly garbage. Rodgers was placed back on IR and Hundley will get to finish off the season. Rebuild and do it better next year, is all I can think right now. Really wish one of those times in the last few years that we made it to the NFC Championship that we would have succeeded, Rodgers needs ring #2 and the organization needs ring #5 and we need it before he gets too old. Two broken collar bones in like four years is not conducive to a much longer career. Here’s how I did with my picks for last week:

Broncos 24, Colts 14 – Correct
Bears 21, Lions 17
Chargers 28, Chiefs 20
Ravens 30, Browns 20 – Correct
Cardinals 21, Redskins 13
Eagles 27, Giants 10 – Correct
Bills 24, Dolphins 20 – Correct
Packers 30, Panthers 21
Jags 31, Texans 13 – Correct
Vikings 30, Bengals 19 – Correct
Saints 35, Jets 7 – Correct
Rams 27, Seahawks 24 – Correct
Steelers 27, Patriots 26
Titans 31, 49ers 20
Cowboys 23, Raiders 17 – Correct
Falcons 27, Buccs 21 – Correct

A mostly correct week, at least better than last. Here are my picks for week 16:

Ravens 27, Colts 13
Packers 20, Vikings 17
Lions 24, Bengals 10
Chiefs 30, Dolphins 24
Patriots 35, Bills 24
Bears 27, Browns 10
Panthers 28, Buccs 14
Saints 30, Falcons 21
Redskins 21, Broncos 14
Rams 30, Titans 20
Chargers 21, Jets 10
Jaguars 45, 49ers 14
Cowboys 21, Seahawks 20
Cardinals 23, Giants 19
Steelers 34, Texans 16
Eagles 38, Raiders 21

See you next week.