By The Numbers: The Playoffs and Beyond

So I totally spaced writing this column last week, mainly because my team was already eliminated from the playoffs, and my apathy for the game has taken over. I was also on vacation, so I couldn’t be bothered with blogging while I unplugged for a spell. The Packers ended up losing that game as well, ending the season 7-9, and that feels bad, man. I had planned on totaling up my ratios on picks throughout the season, but since I only started tallying up my picks a few weeks into the season, I can’t be assed to figure out those weeks that I missed. As such, I’m going to leave you with this, for the year: My picks through the playoffs and Super Bowl. We’ll revisit next season and see how I did.

Before I make said picks, I think I’d be remiss if I didn’t touch on some recent news tidbits surrounding my team. Firstly, Dom Capers, the defensive coordinator for the past 8 years has been terminated. I think this might be a step in the right direction as far as making our defense something better. It’s something we’ve sorely lacked for a number of years, and the sole time while Dom was at the helm that we finished in the top 10 overall, we won the Super bowl. Go figure. Also, Ted Thompson has been shuffled about and is no longer the GM, and that could mean good things coming down the line as well. We still have one of the best QB’s in the league, and we still have a great coach. There are undervalued stars on this team that either need better coaching, or we’ll find better value with our higher draft picks for next season. I look forward to these changes and hope they bring us back around to where we’re supposed to be. Sometimes, change is good. So let’s make these picks and move on, shall we?

Wildcard Round:

Jaguars 30, Bills 24
Chiefs 24, Titans 17
Rams 35, Falcons 27
Saints 28, Panthers 17

Divisional Round:

Patriots 27, Chiefs 20
Jags 24, Steelers 20
Rams 30, Eagles 24
Saints 35, Vikings 31


Jags 21, Patriots 13
Rams 24, Saints 20


Jags 23, Rams 16

Yeah, fuck the Patriots, time for someone else to win in the AFC.