Bioshock: Infinite

Well folks, we’ve made it. I’m beginning my trek into the sky-city of Columbia, and finally completing the last Bioshock game. The first two games were pretty good in their own right, but I’ve heard this can arguably be considered the best entry. I will save my judgement until I’ve completed the trilogy, but I can already tell you that this entry is right up my alley. The graphics are excellent on Ultra, the animations smooth, and the gore is on point. The themes I’m seeing at this point are painting the city and its inhabitants in a negative light, but I concur with some of the underlying social commentary. I do remember playing this game briefly when it was offered as a Playstation Plus title, so I knew a little of what to expect, yet it feels like that was long ago. The imagery brings some of those memories back and I do recall commenting on it a bit way back when, but having it fresh in my mind means I can properly analyze it. Two things stick out as subtext – Racism and Fanatical Religion suck —  yet they seem to go hand in hand.

In our alternate reality, Abraham Lincoln was viewed as a devil and John Wilkes Booth a hero. The founder of the city is revered as a God, and the people devote followers, despite the clear message that other races are inferior. The city of Columbia ascended into the clouds so they could take their religious bigotry with them. Or so it seems. Bioshock has a way of painting you the bad guy, despite the evil that other men do. Perhaps there will be some incident that will come to light and make our hero seem like a tool. Time will tell, but for now I’m intrigued to learn more about Columbia and its inhabitants.

It is curious, that the game starts out much like its predecessors. Coming to a lighthouse (or the game ending there) has become something of a signature plot device for the series, and though this one starts out similarly, instead of sinking down into the ocean this time you are propelled into the sky. Very creative world-building to say the least. It’s a shame it’s been 5 years since we’ve seen another entry, or another series that comes even close to it. But I digress. I wanted to share some screenshots with you for now, and I will return once I’ve completed the game.

Here’s my journey so far, in picture form:

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