Starving Together (Don’t Starve Together)

At some point or another I picked up a copy of Don’t Starve for Playstation 4. I had already played it for a bit prior on Steam, but never really got into it. With some increased play time with the family as of late, I have been looking for easy to pick up games to play together. Since I wrote about Antihero the other day, I have played a few more rounds against the family and managed to win a couple, but I wanted to find something else that we could play together. For whatever reason, Don’t Starve came to mind as I had remembered the expansion, Don’t Starve Together had released at some point and could be another title that we could spend some time with. I went onto the Playstation Store to look into it, and it turns out if you own the base game, you can pick up the “Mega Pack” for only $10, so I went ahead and did that. Twas a no-brainer.

The Mega Pack includes both of the single player expansions for the game, Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked along with the Don’t Starve Together standalone game. Apparently there are differences between DS and DST, but the expansion content isn’t accessible (which kind of sucks). I’ll probably give the single-player game a whirl sooner or later, but for now I’ve enjoyed starving together with loved ones! DST is playable locally offline for 2 players, or online with servers hosting up to 6. We played offline at first to give it a whirl, then my girl and I went online later after I made her a PSN account. I left the server open to the public but no one ever jumped in. I haven’t yet tried to join someone else’s public game, but that might be fun particularly if they know what the hell they’re doing. Our record to this point is only four days, and I think I played two of those by myself endlessly searching for the ingredients to resurrect my partner.

Playing split screen works well enough, but the button combinations needed to be efficient took some getting accustomed to. Though I played several rounds, I only thought about taking screen shots when I was playing with the child. He picked up the controls and concepts well enough because he plays games like Minecraft so he understands what’s going on. My girlfriend had more issues with the controls but she got it down pretty good as well, and we managed to get some good starts but we’d always aggro something that would kill one of us and the other wouldn’t be long for the world.

As you can see, I had a ghost for a partner for quite some time. It didn’t help that this particular character, Woody, has a “terrible secret” in that he turns into a Were-Beaver some nights. This sort of protects you from the bumps in the night until shadow beasts start attacking… alas, I was not ready for them.

We started to figure out the optimal build paths and on our best run I managed to make a Science Machine but unfortunately we didn’t get much further in our building of camp. At this point we called it a night but it was still a fun experience. 10/10 I would starve again!