Batman: Episode 2

I’ve been on a bit of a binge with this series this week. Honestly, working six days in a row means I’ve had less time and energy to devote to gaming (not to mention this month has been extremely busy) so I’ve been enjoying playing an episode a night and not having to put much thought into it. I really need to get back to finishing up Bioshock Infinite (I’ve got to be getting close by now) and making marked progress in Everquest II. No I haven’t quit these titles, I just haven’t had the presence of mind nor the inclination to utilize twitch skills or delve deeply into my current MMO. The time is coming though, and I’ll have more of those sorts of posts coming soon. I’m also attending a Magic event coming up in a couple of weeks so there will be more of the same discussion around here, don’t you worry. With that said, let’s get back to talking about Batman!

Episode two of the Telltale series improves upon the first in a number of ways. I was pretty bored with the initial entry. The choices simply weren’t up to par with other series and I felt like they impacted the story very little. I did note that there was the possibility that some of these choices might come to light in further episodes, and it appears that is the case. I won’t completely spoil things, but I would expect most people finished this series a long time ago… let’s just run through my choices, shall we?

After Falcone’s arrest in the first episode, he ends up in the hospital because he’s an old guy and it was a hell of a fight in the club. I visit him as Bruce, and there’s a point where he asks me to add some morphine to his IV. He mentions how I could just kill him right then and there by giving him an overdose, but I decided Batman doesn’t roll that way and have stuck with that through this playthrough.

Selina (Catwoman) and I have had a chemistry since day one. I tried to kiss her at a certain point in the episode. They sort of allude to Harvey dating her, but you’re not entirely sure at this point. I rolled with the “heat of the moment” decision. No regrets.

There’s a point where it’s revealed that Mayor Hill knows more about the death of your parents, so you get to go visit him as either Bruce or Batman, and I went with Batman. The Batman portions of the game are the most fun (and why people would want to play this game in the first place).

I didn’t stick it to Harvey when he wanted me to stay away from his campaign. I kept on with the funding. Must have some guilt about trying to kiss his girl.

In a confusing turn of events, I picked Harvey over Selina when it came to saving them. It was a difficult choice, but I figured I’d help him because she isn’t the typical damsel in distress and can handle herself. Unfortunately she seemed a little pissed, but perhaps she’ll get over it? Guilt level 2 engage!

The story gets more complicated in episode two, and things are revealed that I’ve never known about Batman or other characters in the game. This could be an alternate story, or perhaps it’s due to the fact that I never really read many Batman comics, and this is clearly different from any of the movies. It’s intriguing though, the way characters you (and Bruce) hold in high regard are painted in a different light. It’s also been interesting to see the development of the back story, things like the Bat Signal making a first appearance are pretty cool. Otherwise it’s more of the same, but I have to say that I’ve been enjoying it more as the series has progressed. More later!