By The Numbers: Season Results 2017

The season officially ended last night and since I had my days off switched for this week (and next) I’m at home and have the opportunity to write about it. So obviously I’m happy that the Patriots didn’t get another ring, and it would be real nice if Brady just went ahead and retired (doubtful), but mainly I was disappointed with my team’s season. The Eagles had no rings though, so congrats to them I guess — but really, it’s time to look forward to the next season already. I figured I’d make this final post for the season, something I haven’t done in past years, and go over my picks for the playoffs that I made recently along with my totals for the year. A season in review, if you will. I know I didn’t review my picks in past years and didn’t at the beginning of this season either, but I did start part way through, so I’m just going to tabulate those figures.

Playoff Picks:

Wildcard Round:

Jaguars 30, Bills 24
Chiefs 24, Titans 17
Rams 35, Falcons 27
Saints 28, Panthers 17

Two correct Picks in the Wildcard round. I was honestly surprised that the Rams didn’t win, though the Chiefs/Titans game could have gone either way.

Divisional Round:

Patriots 27, Chiefs 20
Jags 24, Steelers 20
Rams 30, Eagles 24
Saints 35, Vikings 31

So clearly these picks can’t be 100% accurate due to the fact that the matchups were incorrect. However, I did pick the Pats and Eagles to win in their respective games, so I’m going to award myself a half point each. I did end up correctly predicting the Jags over the Steelers as well for a full point.


Jags 21, Patriots 13
Rams 24, Saints 20

No points here. I still think the Jags should have beaten the Patriots though I won’t give myself any credit there.


Jags 23, Rams 16

Clearly the board wasn’t even set correctly here, though I still think something is in order – The Patriots didn’t win the Superbowl!

With that said, I earned 4 points from the postseason. Here are my totals for the regular season:

Week 1: 9
Week 2: 13
Week 3: 7
Week 4: 11
Week 5: 7
Week 6: 7
Week 7: 4
Week 8: 10
Week 9: 6
Week 10: 11
Week 11: 6
Week 12: 12
Week 13: 13
Week 14: 7
Week 15: 10
Week 16: 12
Week 17: 0 (didn’t make picks)

There are a total of 256 games played in a single season, and my total points here would be 145. There were 11 games played in the post season, and I earned 4 points there, for a grand total of 149/267. That’s just over half games predicted correctly. I’m sure if I would have made picks for the final week I would have improved that score a bit, but I definitely had some weeks where I didn’t pick the Thursday game either. So we’ll try harder next year and perhaps improve the score.

For those of you not into the sport, you won’t have to see these posts for a while and for those of you who were enjoying it, I’ll see you next season!