Bioshock Infinite Complete

Over the weekend I was able to put a few more hours into the final entry of the Bioshock series, and can finally strike another game off the backlog list! I started the trilogy back at the end of October, finishing each in about a month’s time and I’m finally done. I have to say that it was a fantastic series, and I’m glad that the third game finally swung around and linked itself to the first two. While the second game ended up being a more direct continuation of the original, this game didn’t really seem related except for the base concepts. Rapture was underwater and created by someone who fancied himself better that the society on Earth. Columbia was floating in the sky and created by someone who fancied himself a God. Both were unique yet similar scenarios. Where Infinite set itself apart was through the main character who actually held an identity and throughout the story twists into something different. I won’t spoil anything (though the pictures I’m about to share might be spoilery!) but you aren’t who you think you are and the ending was similar to the ending of the second game — but a bit of a shock.

Overall I really enjoyed the series, and despite the sequel being the weakest of the bunch, they were all fantastic games played in fairly rapid succession. Here’s some screens from the end of my playthrough:

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Columbia was a bit of a different beast from Rapture, but it was beautiful. I loved the graphic design and character of the game. Having a partner to help you out through your fights was a boon as well, and something sorely missed in past titles. It’s a shame we won’t be seeing more of this multiverse, as co-op was the next logical step and would have been a blast! If you haven’t played these titles (or it’s been a long time) I’d recommend running through the remastered versions of the series — it was very enjoyable.

Next up on the list: The Order 1886!

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  1. These games are so rich in both gameplay and narrative. It was sad to see Irrational fall, but I hope the new company is able to give us some good games as well.


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