Batman: Episode 4

The fourth episode of Telltale’s Batman series really started to heat up. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the screenshot from my flash drive and then had already uninstalled the game, so going back to take another one seemed silly. I managed to remember what the choices were that I made, so I can at least discuss them before moving on to the last episode. As the episode opens, you’re in Arkham Asylum, presumably because the last thing you remember is attacking Oswald during his acceptance speech taking your job as CEO of Wayne Enterprises. To top things off, sleeping with Selina pissed off Harvey Dent, so he’s the one who has you committed. This all comes to light as the episode plays out.

*I owe Joker a favor once he’s “on the outside”* – The first choice that I had to make was with the Joker. He was clearly not the same guy that we’ve known through the years, but still obviously the Joker, so there’s something he’s plotting nonetheless. He basically said that he could make a distraction so I could use the phone, but that I would have to promise him a favor once he’s on the outside of Arkham. I said sure. Why not, what harm could come from that?

*I used the phone* – He ended up making the distraction as promised, but then there was a choice between using the phone or helping out the guards of the Asylum. I chose the former, called Gordon and he pulls me out of Arkham.

*I paid off Harvey’s Security at a Blockade* – After leaving the Asylum, it’s clear that Harvey has “upped security” in that he’s now go Children of Arkham goons barricading areas of the city. They stop me and Alfred and go about harrassing us, but at the same time people on the street are recognizing me and start throwing things (Bruce isn’t doing so hot in the public eye at present). I end up paying them off rather than ramming the barricade.

*I went as Batman to confront Harvey Dent* – Clearly Harvey needs to be stopped, but I had the choice to go and talk to him as either Bruce or Batman. I know he still likes Batman, and he’s clearly upset with Bruce so I chose to go as Batman. That didn’t go so hot either, as he bombs a supply of drugs that the Children of Arkham were planning on using, but kills a bunch of innocents along the way.

*I chose to stop Two-Face at Wayne Manor (saving Alfred) rather than picking Wayne Industries to stop Penguin from hacking into all of my Wayne Tech* – This was a tough choice. I didn’t want to lose my gadgets, but I also didn’t want anything happening the Alfred or the Manor. No one needs to discover Batman’s secret identity! This culminates in a fight with Harvey and his goods, and at one point he ends up getting burnt up pretty bad. Apparently in one of the earlier episodes if I would have chosen to save Selina, he would have had his trademark Two-face look, but because I saved him he only gets burnt on one side of his body but his face looks normal. Clearly he’s Two-face either way, but I thought that was interesting. I’m not up to speed on his original origin story, but I also know that the Penguin looked nothing like the Danny Devito or Cartoon versions of the character either. It’s safe to say that this is its own thing and I shouldn’t put too much thought into it.

So that was that. Episode 5 is where everything comes to a head. I’ll be back with that post soon!