Batman: The Enemy Within

Despite not really caring about Telltale’s Batman series, I gave it a whirl because it was free on Playstation Plus. After playing through the first season though, it got its hooks into me. After completing the title I mentioned that I was thinking about picking up the second season, and I ended up doing just that. I wanted to know what was going to happen next, and knowing that Telltale tends to continue on storylines using your choices I wanted to see how my version of Gotham was faring. I’m glad that I decided to get this game, because the story took no time at all getting going (despite the first season’s first episode being pretty boring) and the action was even tighter than the first go around.

For the most part, the game is a direct continuation and the mechanics are pretty much the same. You’ll still chat and fight as both Batman and Bruce Wayne, and you’ll have to be the great detective that you are during certain points in the game, having to link clues together to decipher crime scenes. What’s different is that this time around the game tracks your relationships with main characters, and then let’s you know how they feel about you at the end:

There are the usual major/difficult choices to make, but it seems even minor things can affect your relationships with these characters. As you can see, the range of emotions is varied – Alfred is vengeful and the Joker is ecstatic! Each of the pictures above will show the various choices I had made that left each character feeling a particular way. Spoiler alert, these feelings will change as the game goes on, so it’s good to know if you make someone angry you can still redeem yourself later!

The summary at the end of each episode shows four of the major choices, along with the feelings of each character towards you. For the most part it seems that I went with the majority of players, and it was interesting to see how the story continued on and my choices from the last season ended up affecting this one. I don’t want to get too spoilery so I’ll leave you with that.

As usual I have write-ups planned for each episode. At this point I’m need to finish up the fourth episode and then wait for the 5th to be released. This season started last August so I was able to binge through most of it, but have to wait for the last one which should be out within a month or so. I look forward to seeing another game to its conclusion this year!