The Enemy Within – Episode 3

In Episode three, the story continues with Bruce still embroiled in his dealings with The Pact. But, another familiar face enters the fold and complicates things to say the least. Despite my amorous circumstances with Catwoman in the first season, I didn’t treat her so well this time around and left her feeling betrayed as a consequence. In the first season there was a major story arch where Bruce’s reputation was tarnished and it took careful thought with your reactions in the game to redeem that once pristine status. With this new season there is the inclusion of relationships with individuals that shifts between each episode, so its easier to track and make your moves to benefit you later. For instance, in the last episode I left Harley Quinn hostile towards me but because I was mindful of this I managed to work my way back up to being less skeptical, and that progress is tracked much more quickly this time around. Things have turned around with everyone for the most part, and that seemed important while aligning with my goals.

There have been progressively less major choices as a result of this shift in their tracking mechanics. I have already noted that this is less than the previous episode and the following episode records less — meaning that the interpersonal relationships are a more important focal point in this game. Having experienced it both ways I think I actually like this system better overall but either will work and depending on the subject material that may play a role.

These choices are still pretty indicative of the way the interpersonal relationships turn out. Clearly telling Tiffany that I’m Batman and bringing another Fox into the fold left her feeling honored, and 2 strikes against Catwoman (not warning her and letting John throw her under the bus) affected her Betrayed feelings. I didn’t fall in line with most players on these choices, but I’m okay with how the story has turned out so far and I’m unlikely to ever replay the series so my set of circumstances are fine. It’s been an entertaining ride so far!