Killing Floor 2: Nearly a Year Later

So the other day I randomly noticed that Killing Floor 2 got a new update. It’s actually had several updates, but I hadn’t played the game since last summer so I hadn’t paid much attention. I mentioned this to my old roommate and we both decided to download the update and get our Zed killing on!

Things have changed. Bits and pieces of the UI have been improved. I feel that there are noticeable differences here, and though it’s subtle it’s a nice touch. Besides some visual upgrades, the newer build has included a number of updates to the game, most recently is “Endless Mode,” where you guessed it, you’ll fight endless waves of Zeds until your party dies. This is more reminiscent of Call of Duty’s Zombies mode, which I have had a lot of fun with over the years so I was game. When we played this mode we decided to use our level 25 perks, and I selected hard difficulty which I thought would be easy. It was not. We managed to make it to wave 13:

Still, wave 13 is three waves beyond what a normal match contains so that’s pretty good for a first run. We also has a couple of low level classes playing with us (this does seem like an optimal way to level up other perks) so that may have affected our efficiency. Also my friend is dead weight, sitting at the bottom of the leaderboard (LOL!). Featured in the above screenshots is one of the new maps that was added between now and the last time we played. It was called DieZone, and was narrated by the Patriarch himself. There’s some good comedic relief in there, and the music is still metal as fuck and awesome. There were three other maps also added to the game in that time, we haven’t yet played any of those but they look great.

Another new feature added to the game is this “Dosh Vault” which actually rewards you for accumulating Dosh (the in game currency). This is presumably for people who already have max level characters or perhaps those like me who still have a few to level, but still having another progress bar to watch is a nice bonus. The RMT stuff in this game is pretty awful, so getting some more boons periodically is nice. It’s always cosmetic stuff you’re unlocking anyway, so not really necessary.

I’m not sure why I got it, but there was a new character available when I booted up, along with some new skins for him. Like the other characters, it really just amounts to a skin for when you are playing and other people get more of the benefit of it than you do — but it was free so why not be a robot for a while?

That seems to be all that has been added but it’s instant value for the game. Having something else to do and keeping things fresh is the only way games like this survive, and I’m glad this developer is committed to adding new content (and mostly for free no less). I know with the original title they were adding stuff in for a long time, so I hope they keep this pace going!