Blaugust Reborn Begins

The time has finally come my friends, Blaugust Reborn officially starts today. I’ve posted about it thrice so far, once to announce my involvement and another time to give a little inspiration and finally to report on the participant list along with giving some tips. I know for a fact that participant list is out of date by now, as the Discord Server has been poppin’ and last number I heard was something like 60 blogs that have gotten involved. It’s not too late to sign up either, so if you’d like to do that head over here. Because I’ve participated in Blaugusts years past along with helping to run the NBI I figured I should be one of the leaders (mentors) to get out in front of the pack and try to provide some writing prompts for the community to get started with. Blogging for 31 days in a row is a challenge even for those of us who have been writing for years and I can’t imagine the pressure for newbies as its been so long since I could be considered one. So here are some prompts you can feel free to steal to help get through the month!

  • Share one of your passions that isn’t normally found on your blog. If you blog about games, try writing a post about a movie or book, etc.
  • The Gamer To-Do List – I presented this one a few years ago and other bloggers do something similar each month.
  • Explore your origins as a writer – more for veterans but, did you always have a passion for it, or are you just now feeling like its something you want to do?
  • Why do you enjoy blogging? – this one is more for veterans as well, but you might be able to answer this by the end of the month if you’re new.

Hopefully these prompts will help to get you started or give you some inspiration later in the month when the well runs dry. I know that my plan has been put into motion already, as I’ve drafted this post early and have a few other posts scheduled ahead of time so that I don’t have to crunch. Having a challenge like this ahead of me has changed my usual modus operandi. Typically I will open WordPress, write a post and publish it in one sitting. Sometimes I will have some drafts saved to have as a reminder of something I want to get to, but at this point I know that I have had some writers block in the past month so I want to have as many posts ready to go early as possible. I would suggest you do the same, getting ahead is much better than falling behind if you want to complete the challenge!

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