Couch Podtatoes is back Online

It’s fitting that it’s during Blaugust (which is also an NBI style event this year) that I can make this announcement. Something that started as a by-product of the first NBI that I was a participant in, the Couch Podtatoes podcast, has now been official put back online! This isn’t to say that there are new episodes at this point in time, but all 99 of the prior episodes that were hosted on Libsyn (and subsequently taken down after we stopped producing new content) are back online. If you use the Couch Podtatoes link at the top of the blog, it will take you to its category listing which is now the official home of the podcast. As of this point, each individual show page has a live recording and you can download the episodes to your favorite device right now. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed with the accompanying button, but the links to iTunes and Stitcher are still dead. I’m working on getting those feeds sorted, but for the time being this will have to do.

So what changed? Well, Libsyn was costing Eri $20 a month to continue to host our show. After we went on hiatus, she finally decided that it wasn’t worth paying for anymore, and I agreed. I had the show cataloged on my hard drive, but that was the extent of its life. I heard about a friend of the blogosphere opening up his own hosting server and giving current and dead shows a place to live, so I approached him for this deal. I’m not the only one, and it seems that having a new host has inspired others to revive their dead show. I’m feeling equally inspired, but I don’t see myself going down the weekly show path again. I’ve also been trying to sort out the particulars for a new Magic: The Gathering related show as well.

So long story short, thanks to DJPimpDaddy for graciously hosting Couch Podtatoes and getting the show back on the internet. He has made this hosting an option for basically anyone, as he announced here.

Stay tuned to this space for more information on my podcast projects. You can also follow me on Twitter @mevsmyselfandi and @couchpodtatoes as well.