Just a week after having a surgery to have a kidney stone removed from my right kidney, I’ve had a second procedure. A couple of days after my last operation I was contacted by my Urologist’s office, being told that the doctor wanted to go into my left kidney and take care of the smaller 6mm stone in there. I reluctantly agreed — might as well get it all over and done with so I can move on with my life.

This has been difficult on me and my woman, as we have both taken time off of work and stress has been piling up. Thankful I have a wonderful support system; my family has come through a couple of times with aid and we will make it through.

As far as the operation goes, this one was a nightmare. Not only did the go back into my right kidney to pull out more chunks of the last stone they broke up, but they didn’t remove the stint, have put a stint into the left side, and apparently she was unable to deal with the other stone. For the uninitiated, all of this work requires cameras and lasers and shit going into my urethra, so the end of my penis is bruised and swollen. TMI, I know, but men and women alike will cringe at this and I want the gravity of it to sit with you all. Feel my pain!

Jokes aside, this time around was more painful by tenfold at least, they gave me little in the way of painkillers and the fucking doctor “forgot” to perscribe pain killers. I objected to this, and was told I had to wait for her to get out of the next surgery she was performing so she could write the perscription. 2.5 hours later I gave up. I’ve come home and settled, taken some Motrin and the other bits and bobs they perscribed and am trying to relax. I am not happy though.

They are saying that I should be able to break up the other stone without surgery so that’s good news, and my right kidney is completely clear. But at some point this other stone needs dealt with and at some point they have to pull these stints out, which I was informed is something they do while you’re awake. Fucking swell.

The moral of the story here, is don’t get kidney stones kids. Quit drinking soda now if you do because it’s not worth it!! I’m a week into my no soda diet and it’s not that bad once you get away from it.

That’s all I have for today. I’m determined to not miss any Blaugust posts so this one will do. Hope your day is going better than mine!

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    • That was ordered, yes. Indeed it has sucked but hopefully I’ll be fully recovered and not get any more stones. Made some dietary changes. Thank you for the concern!


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