The War Report: Magic Game Night

Some new products coming down the pipeline have been announced by Wizards of the Coast outside of the normal scope of things. The next major set, Guilds of Ravnica is set to release in October, and the rest of that block won’t be out until next year. Otherwise, we have a few supplemental products coming out and one in particular caught my interest.

Magic Game Night is a box set (like Explorers of Ixalan that released last year) that comes packed with five 60-card decks (one for each color) and accessories like life counters, etc. This is clearly a product intended for new players, as if you take a look at the decklists, there aren’t really any money reprints (aside from Ghalta) and most of the cards are coming out of the current standard sets. There’s nothing amazing here, but I do believe that veteran players can get some value out of this box set as well. If you read the comments on the above linked article (or even in my conversation with my playgroup) you’ll see a bunch of negativity here. Comparisons to Explorers of Ixalan and the fact that it had “better” reprints in it, that there aren’t any valuable or powerful cards in the box and other negative comments are abound. For the MSRP of $40, I think there’s a ton of value here for anyone, and I think I’ll pick this up when it comes out in November, if for no other reason than there won’t be any majors sets to invest in for a couple of months at that point. What really interests me though, is the five new cards included in the box:

Honestly, it’s just the red and black cards that I want, so perhaps I’ll only buy the singles, but as I said there is other value in the decks, cards that are EDH staples and would find homes in other decks. These new cards aren’t amazing, but I like the fact that they are multiplayer-matters cards (perfect for EDH) and the Goblin Goliath and Rot Hulk want to go in existing EDH decks of mine. Krenko loves goblins with good effects, and this one is not only a large body but should in most cases create three 1/1 tokens for you. It has the activated ability to give double damage to a single source as well, which could make a big difference. The Rot Hulk on the other hand wants to go into my Zombie EDH deck, as it will in most cases recur three zombies from your graveyard straight to the battlefield. It’s also a 5/5 with menace and I have a ton of lords in that deck that could make him huge!

I sort of like the other three cards. The Angel would probably be best in a Knight deck, as it will create some 2/2’s with vigilance but you’ll have to spread out your attacks before casting it. A little on the slow side. The Avatar is good ramp, but it helps everyone at the table. I’d put it in my Selvala group hug deck I suppose. And the Sphinx is okay, being 7 cmc it would fit into a Yennett build who cares about odd cmc, and it’s a 5/5 flier so that’s okay. You should get at least a couple cards off of its ETB, and it has the bonus activated ability to make thopters, so it could fit into artifacts decks as well. Overall I like these new cards and it’s a shame there aren’t more.

I would encourage you to check out the deck lists that I linked to above before buying this product, but if you’re new to Magic it’s a great way to get a large chunk of cards all at once, and tuning these decks wouldn’t take much effort. If you’re a veteran I’d still say there’s value to be had here. I intend to grab one for myself.