By The Numbers: Week 3, 2018

What a shitshow that Packers/Vikings game was. Things were going great until about 7 minutes left to go in the game, at which point I looked over at my girlfriend and said “I think it’s safe to say we won this game.” At which point the refs decided to intervene. Not only was there a really shitty pass interference call on us, but there was a pretty bad no-call on them just prior to that. Later, up by 8 points, Clay Matthews got to Kirk Cousins at literally the same time he released the ball, which was picked off and should have put the game away in our favor. Instead, they called roughing the passer and the interception was negated. From there, the Vikings went on to score a touchdown and a two point conversion to tie. Aaron Rodgers managed to get us down field in something like 40 seconds to put Mason Crosby in position to win the game. He made the 50-something yarder but was iced by the Vikings who called a time out just before the kick. He missed the second attempt. The game goes to overtime. The Vikings could have put 3 on the board but their kicker misses. We don’t do anything. They have another opportunity to kick from 35 yards and their kicker misses again as time expires. Tie game. I guess on the plus side, we are still undefeated this season, with a 1-0-1 record, but so are the Vikes. It shouldn’t have gone down like that though, the Packers should be 2-0 right now. But it’s early in the season, so whatever, time to move on. Let’s grade my picks for week 2:

Ravens 27, Bengals 21
Panthers 24, Falcons 20
Redskins 20, Colts 10
Texans 14, Titans 7
Buccs 23, Eagles 21 – Correct
Chiefs 28, Steelers 20 – Correct
Jets 17, Dolphins 14
Chargers 26, Bills 13 – Correct
Packers 20, Vikings 17
Saints 30, Browns 7 – Correct
49ers 21, Lions 17 – Correct
Rams 33, Cardinals 10 – Correct
Jaguars 27, Patriots 24 – Correct
Broncos 28, Raiders 14 – Correct
Cowboys 21, Giants 13 – Correct
Bears 24, Seahawks 21 – Correct

Another 10-6 week, making my overall record for the season 20-12. Not bad, but could have been better. Some of those picks I’m surprised I got correct, and some I thought were definitely correct ended up not being. Also got some partial scores right, but I’m not going to start counting that kind of stuff unless I get one spot on, then that will be an extra point at the end of the season. Here’s my picks for week 3:

Jets 21, Browns 13
Saints 27, Falcons 21
Packers 28, Redskins 10
Eagles 20, Colts 14
Vikings 32, Bills 10
Raiders 20, Dolphins 17
Ravens 24, Broncos 20
Bengals 17, Panthers 13
Giants 14, Texans 6
Jags 21, Titans 20
Chiefs 27, 49ers 10
Rams 30, Chargers 20
Cowboys 14, Seahawks 13
Bears 23, Cardinals 16
Patriots 30, Lions 10
Buccs 27, Steelers 10

We’ll see how I do next week. Hopefully a little bit better as the year goes on and we get a feel for the real contenders and pretenders. See you then.