By the Numbers: Week 4, 2018

Well, week 3 didn’t go as I would have liked for my Green Bay Packers. This emphasis on roughing the passer has got to change as well… it’s simply ridiculous the momentum change it has on any game. When your team can’t tackle as they are taught to, it really takes the steam out of things. There were some missed opportunities sure, Randall Cobb dropped a couple balls, one on a critical 4th down. The refs gave Washington a touchdown that was clearly stopped at the goal line, and there were a bunch of pass interception calls that I don’t think were really necessary. All in all, Washington played better, but I think if you take away even half of those penalties we would have still be in it. Mr. Matthews himself had some things to say about it. First, here’s his 3rd roughing the passer of the season:

Yeah. I’m not seeing it. Here’s what he said after the game:

I tend to agree, and I’ve never been overly critical of the NFL and its policies that change more often than I change my underwear. But this has already cost us a game (well, a tie) and now hurt us in a consecutive game. I’m over it. Let’s see how I did with my picks for last week:

Jets 21, Browns 13
Saints 27, Falcons 21 – Correct
Packers 28, Redskins 10
Eagles 20, Colts 14 – Correct
Vikings 32, Bills 10
Raiders 20, Dolphins 17
Ravens 24, Broncos 20 – Correct
Bengals 17, Panthers 13
Giants 14, Texans 6 – Correct
Jags 21, Titans 20
Chiefs 27, 49ers 10 – Correct
Rams 30, Chargers 20 – Correct
Cowboys 14, Seahawks 13
Bears 23, Cardinals 16 – Correct
Patriots 30, Lions 10
Buccs 27, Steelers 10

Ouch. 7/9. Still not getting the majority right. That brings me to 27/30 on the season. Hopefully I can do better with week 4’s selections. Here we go:

Rams 30, Vikings 14
Jags 20, Jets 10
Dolphins 27, Patriots 20
Eagles 24, Titans 10
Colts 21, Texans 7
Packers 27, Bills 13
Lions 20, Cowboys 16
Buccs 27, Bears 21
Bengals 28, Falcons 27
Seahawks 17, Cardinals 13
Raiders 23, Browns 17
Saints 31, Giants 17
Chargers 20, 49ers 10
Ravens 30, Steelers 28
Chiefs 28, Broncos 21

I can hope that the Bills used up all their mojo in beating the Vikings last week, and hopefully that means we can come out on top.