By the Numbers: Week 5, 2018

For once this season I don’t have a complaint with the way things were called during the game. I watched all but the fourth quarter of the Packers-Bills game as I had other plans and had to leave before the game ended. At that point the score was 19-0, and we even saw Clay Matthews get a sack without drawing a roughing the passer penalty, so that was a good thing. I’d like to think our defense finally came into their own and managed a lights out performance, but I know that a rookie QB can mean an easy road for a defense, so I’m not going to give them too much credit. Still, a shutout is good, and hadn’t been done by the Packers since 2010, so it was nice to see. Being 2-1-1 is definitely a better start than we’ve had some years, so let’s keep the train rolling! Let’s see how I did with my picks for last week:

Rams 30, Vikings 14 – Correct
Jags 20, Jets 10 – Correct
Dolphins 27, Patriots 20
Eagles 24, Titans 10
Colts 21, Texans 7
Packers 27, Bills 13 – Correct
Lions 20, Cowboys 16
Buccs 27, Bears 21
Bengals 28, Falcons 27 – Correct
Seahawks 17, Cardinals 13 – Correct
Raiders 23, Browns 17 – Correct
Saints 31, Giants 17 – Correct
Chargers 20, 49ers 10 – Correct
Ravens 30, Steelers 28 – Correct
Chiefs 28, Broncos 21 – Correct

A much better week at 10-5, putting me at 37-35 for the season. Finally above .500! I’m surprised by the Bears, who seem to be a legit contender for the first time in a long time. They put a whuppin’ on the Buccaneers, who have been putting their own foot down as of late. The Browns have been surprising too, as they not only won a game this year, but almost had themselves two ties as well. Rumor has it that the officiating was poor and that they were robbed of the win, but I can’t feel too bad since we were robbed by the officials versus Minnesota ourselves. Next week we face the Lions who have been pretty good in recent years but are off to a slow start. Can’t count them out completely, as division rivals tend to know your team inside and out, but I think we should be able to improve to three wins after Sunday. Here’s my picks for week 5:

Patriots 27, Colts 14
Broncos 24, Jets 13
Panthers 30, Giants 17
Bengals 20, Dolphins 17
Ravens 28, Browns 10
Packers 27, Lions 14
Jaguars 21, Chiefs 20
Titans 23, Bills 7
Falcons 20, Steelers 10
Chargers 26, Raiders 21
Eagles 31, Vikings 21
49ers 20, Cardinals 13
Rams 31, Seahawks 17
Cowboys 24, Texans 20
Saints 33, Redskins 21

We’ll see how things go, perhaps I can stay about .500 in my predictions going forward.