By The Numbers: Week 7, 2018

I didn’t realize that the Packers played on Monday night until Saturday afternoon. Knowing that I didn’t have a game to watch on Sunday, I ended up spending the evening playing Magic with my mini-me and later with my roommate. The game started at 5ish on Monday night and since I don’t get off until 6, I missed nearly the whole first half of the game. I was surprised to see the Packers down at home to the lowly 49ers going into half-time, but I didn’t lose faith that magic would happen. I just didn’t anticipate how it would go down. Who would have thought after missing so many damn kicks last week, Mason Crosby wouldn’t miss any this time around (including the game-winner!)? I was glad they didn’t call for his head, because we knew he could do better. Everyone has bad days. At the end of the day though, the Packers move up to 3-2-1 on the season going into the bye week. Get some rest guys, the road ahead is going to be tough! Let’s grade my picks from last week:

Eagles 24, Giants 14 – Correct
Jets 21, Colts 13 – Correct
Bengals 26, Steelers 21
Chargers 27, Browns 21 – Correct
Bills 20, Texans 10
Bears 21, Dolphins 20
Vikings 28, Cardinals 20 – Correct
Buccs 24, Falcons 21
Seahawks 30, Raiders 24 – Correct
Panthers 28, Redskins 17
Rams 21, Broncos 19 – Correct
Jaguars 23, Cowboys 17
Ravens 24, Titans 14 – Correct
Chiefs 27, Patriots 26
Packers 27, 49ers 13 – Correct

A middling week, I scored 8-7 which isn’t terrible. This brings my season score to 51-51… so I’m right at the .500 mark. I feel like I should be doing better by now. But hey, even is better than in the hole! Let’s make some picks for next week.

Broncos 27, Cardinals 14
Chargers 24, Titans 13
Buccs 21, Browns 20
Patriots 30, Bears 17
Bills 23, Colts 19
Jaguars 27, Texans 10
Eagles 30, Panthers 20
Lions 21, Dolphins 13
Jets 28, Vikings 21
Saints 31, Ravens 27
Redskins 26, Cowboys 20
Rams 35, 49ers 20
Chiefs 32, Bengals 24
Falcons 28, Giants 14

Perhaps I’ll improve above .500 after next week. My team doesn’t play so it’s unlikely I’ll watch any football this weekend, but I’m also going out of town so I’ll be busy anyway. The season is already almost halfway over, but there’s still plenty of games left to watch.

Until next week.

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    • I was shocked to see such a close game considering the 49ers lost their starting QB and had a 1-4 record coming in. I’m glad we have out QB though, because despite his injuries he can pull off some magic.


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