By the Numbers: Week 9, 2018

It was another rough week for the Packers, having the game in their hands just to fumble it away. Did you see what I did there? Well let me break it down for you. In the first half, we shut out the undefeated Rams who have had one of the most explosive offenses this year. That is, until just before halftime, when they managed to pin us in the endzone and got a safety on a run play. They got a touchdown not too long after. We then went from being up 10-0 to being down 10 points. We managed to get ahead again, but then they pulled ahead to 29-27. Then one of our players decided to do something stupid. He received the kickoff with just over 2 minutes to play. That’s plenty of time for Rodgers to put on a clinic and win the game for us. All he had to do was kneel in the endzone. Instead, he ran it out, and that would have been fine except he fumbled and gave them an easy way to win the game. At least they were a little classy, when on the last play they could have run in for another touchdown but the runner hesitated and went down with no time left. I don’t want to see Montgomery on the field for the rest of the season…. he’s a worse runner than Jones anyway. Let’s check my picks for last week:

Texans 20, Dolphins 13 – Correct
Eagles 24, Jags 21 – Correct
Ravens 28, Panthers 24
Bears 21, Jets 10 – Correct
Bengals 30, Buccs 20 – Correct
Seahawks 31, Lions 26 – Correct
Chiefs 27, Broncos 21 – Correct
Redskins 28, Giants 16 – Correct
Steelers 32, Browns 14 – Correct
Colts 30, Raiders 17 – Correct
49ers 21, Cardinals 17
Packers 28, Rams 23
Saints 27, Vikings 26 – Correct
Patriots 35, Bills 20 – Correct

Likely my best week this season, scoring 11-3. This brings my season total to 72-58. I’m staying above .500 from here on out I believe, barring anything crazy. It’s becoming easier to make the picks, despite the fact that upsets can and will happen. I wasn’t crazy picking the Packers over the Rams though, as they should have won that game. Whatever the case, let’s make some picks for next week:

Raiders 24, 49ers 21
Ravens 21, Steelers 17
Bears 27, Bills 14
Panthers 30, Buccs 20
Chiefs 35, Browns 20
Dolphins 23, Jets 17
Vikings 27, Lions 24
Redskins 28, Falcons 24
Texans 26, Broncos 19
Seahawks 20, Chargers 17
Rams 27, Saints 26
Packers 24, Patriots 21
Cowboys 25, Titans 21

Hard to pick the Packers against the Patriots again, but we beat them a couple of times in recent years. Put us in the Super Bowl against them and I think we win, but in the regular season it’s anyone’s guess. I still think after nearly knocking off the Rams, we should be able to handle Brady and his cheerleaders. We’ll check back in next week and see if I was right.