By The Numbers: Week 17, 2018

As the Packers season is pretty much over, it doesn’t really matter that they managed to get a win over the Jets this week. It’s a nice morale boost I’m sure, as they can feel good going into the last week of the season, but come January they will be sitting at home and that’s not something my team is used to. Whatever the case, I’m still trying to have a better season with my picks this year than I did last year, and that should definitely be doable because last year I managed to miss some picks for Thursday night games along with missing one week entirely, so I can probably say it’s a job well done already. Let’s see how I did this week:

Titans 21, Redskins 16 – Correct
Chargers 28, Ravens 21
Colts 24, Giants 10 – Correct
Dolphins 20, Jags 10
Falcons 20, Panthers 13 – Correct
Browns 23, Bengals 21 – Correct
Cowboys 27, Buccs 14 – Correct
Vikings 30, Lions 13 – Correct
Patriots 35, Bills 16  – Correct
Packers 27, Jets 10 – Correct
Texans 28, Eagles 23
Rams 35, Cardinals 21 – Correct
Bears 28, 49ers 20 – Correct
Saints 30, Steelers 27 – Correct
Chiefs 24, Seahawks 20
Broncos 17, Raiders 9

Weekly score: 11-5
Season score: 135-112

It was a pretty good week pick-wise, and my season score remains positive. Let’s make some picks for the final week. I’ll also make my picks through the playoffs and tabulate things after the season is all said and done.

Dolphins 24, Bills 21
Packers 27, Lions 20
Texans 28, Jags 17
Patriots 24, Jets 7
Saints 30, Panthers 21
Cowboys 23, Giants 20
Falcons 21, Buccs 14
Browns 21, Ravens 20
Chiefs 31, Raiders 13
Bears 27, Vikings 23
Steelers 23, Bengals 13
Eagles 20, Redskins 10
Chargers 17, Broncos 13
Rams 28, 49ers 10
Seahawks 20, Cardinals 17
Colts 21, Titans 14

I’ll check back in next week. Until then.

One thought on “By The Numbers: Week 17, 2018

  1. I watched the last 4 minutes of the Steeler and Saints game. The area I live in pretty much eats, breathes, and sleeps as a Steeler fan, where my husband and I are not. We both like Bucs, Raiders, and Saints,Chiefs, Pats, Ravens. So we’re hoping to see the Steelers lose this game, and for Baltimore to win, because if it does. It kicks them out of the playoffs.Some think we’re mean because we live to see the Steelers lose, but we’re old school, for my husband, he saw the Steeler Curtain in the 70’s, I saw it in the 80’s, and 90’s,

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