By the Numbers: Divisional Round 2018

I didn’t manage to watch any of the Wildcard games, but I wasn’t really looking forward to any of them either. I think there are going to be much more interesting games come this weekend during the Divisional round, so I’m going to do my best to watch at least a couple of them. I don’t really have a lot to say given my lack of watching anything in a few weeks, so let’s grade my Wildcard Weekend picks:

Texans 30, Colts 24
Cowboys 21, Seahawks 20 – Correct, almost got the score right too!
Ravens 28, Chargers 24
Bears 27, Eagles 21

Well, not too good there. I sincerely believed the Texans and Bears would win those matchups, but they both let me down. I kinda figured that the Chargers were going to win despite my picking against them, but I just can’t stand the team and will nearly always pick against them (I did pick for them several times through the year but only because they ended up being so hot and I wanted to improve my pick scores). But can they beat the Pats? is the real question. That seems unlikely, considering it’s supposed to be a snowy day. Anyhow, let’s move on to my picks for next weekend:

Divisional Round Picks:

Chiefs 24, Colts 20
Rams 30, Cowboys 21
Patriots 27, Chargers 14
Saints 31, Eagles 24

I don’t see the Chiefs losing to the Colts. But who knows, I didn’t see them making the playoffs this year either. I don’t see the Cowboys making it past the Rams, who have looked pretty solid this season, but again, anything could happen. As I said above, I think the Pats crush the Chargers in cold weather, and finally I think the Saints are poised to go to the Super Bowl this year, and the Eagles’ magic is about to wear out. Time will tell. I’ll check back in next week to see how my crystal ball worked out.