By The Numbers: Superbowl LII

I finally managed to watch some playoff football this weekend, and wow, talk about controversy! Firstly, let’s check my picks and then we’ll get to the details.

Patriots 31, Chiefs 28 – Correct
Saints 30, Rams 27

I almost managed to pick both games correctly, but honestly the results should have been reversed. The Saints were completely robbed, when this happened:

How that doesn’t get called, I’ll never know. Whatever the case, this ended with them having to kick a field goal, and magically the Rams managed to get down the field in under two minutes in order to kick for the tie. Apparently the Saints didn’t put up much of a struggle in Overtime, but I didn’t catch that part. I did however watch the Pats/Chiefs game from start to finish, and it was turning into a good game by the fourth quarter. The Chiefs were simply fucked by officiating. First there was this:

Seriously, this is worse than the penalties to Clay Matthews that were happening at the beginning of the season. Where was he being roughed up? What a joke. Then to make things worse, this put the Patriots in position to tie the game and send it to overtime, but then a late flag comes down after the Chiefs intercepted Brady with under a minute to play in regulation. They should have sealed the deal right there, and honestly we should be seeing an NO/KC superbowl rather than the one we’re getting.

My pick for the winner of the Superbowl:

Rams 30, Patriots 24

I’ll probably watch it still, but I’m over this season. I can’t wait for September. After the big game I’ll do my tabulations for my season and this column will go back into hibernation.

4 thoughts on “By The Numbers: Superbowl LII

  1. NFL officiating is so hard – too many moving parts to watch. It needs Technology to save it from itself. With 60 to 70 plays per team, per game, any missed call can change the outcome. It almost needs a live review system.

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  2. Missed calls + bad calls = fans feeling like things are fixed. I’ve seen people who would have never said the game is fixed outraged and saying just that. Infamous calls like the Tuck Rule and the Fail Mary are just a couple of examples of games that shouldn’t have ended the way they did going the other way.

    With the game being so visible to so many people and replay making all of us part of the officiating crew, something has to give.


  3. Man, I’m really miffed that the Saints lost due to that crap. Why coaches can’t challenge stuff like that is beyond me. Or better, if it’s clear in review that it was the wrong call – reverse it.

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    • That’s what they’re saying they are “looking into.” They basically did that for the pats, reversing what should have been a game winning interception for the chiefs.

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