What Looter Shooter Would You Play?

It’s payday. I’m just about done with Resident Evil 2, and that means I’m itching to get into something new.

I considered jumping into something in the backlog, but nothing is jumping out at me. So, for your consideration, a poll:

I already have Destiny 2 along with the first two DLC packs, but I haven’t picked up Forsaken yet. I could grab that and blow through everything.

Or there’s Anthem. I still think it looks great but all of the reviews tell me I should wait for a while and see how it is down the road.

On the flip side, there’s The Division 2. I only played the first briefly, but this one is getting stellar reviews. I think I might enjoy it.

The last pick is Borderlands 3, only because there’s supposed to be information coming out on it this year. However, it’s not out so it was kind of a sarcastic option.

I guess I could have thrown Devil May Cry 5 in there as well, but I was sticking to a theme. I just thought I’d see where people were at and what they’d recommend.

Thanks for the help.